Kraftwerk changed my life: 20 artists pick their favourite Kraftwerk records of all time







For a producer named after a mathematical pattern (with a record sleeves to boot), it’s not altogether surprising that Moiré’s a) a Kraftwerk fan and b) one for literal interpretations of the brief “50 words on your favourite Kraftwerk record”. We were rather taken with Moiré’s recent LP Shelter, particularly after he revealed to FACT that much of it was recorded at Hamburg’s Synthesizer Studio.

trans europe express


Trans Europe Express

(EMI, 1977)

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Admirable, auguste, beau, épatant, majestueux, remarquable, somptueux, splendide, sublime, superbe, avant-gardiste, moderniste, novateur, captivant, déchirant, ensorcelant, enveloppant ,anormal, atypique, banal, extraordinaire, fréquent, habituel, isolé, occasionnel, paradoxal, rare,rarissime, remarquable, singulier, bizarre, étonnant, exceptionnelle, introuvable, isolé, précieuse, précieux, rare, surprenant, spezifisch, präzise, korrekt, akkurat, robotic, incredible, inspirier,motorische, technik, zukunftsorientierte, profund.

Photo by Katja Ruge.