Kraftwerk changed my life: 20 artists pick their favourite Kraftwerk records of all time






Peter Ulrich

As percussionist for Dead Can Dance during their 4AD era as well as former This Mortal Coil collaborator, Peter Ulrich now has a new project on the go with The Peter Ulrich Collaboration, whose new single single ‘Dark Daddy’ is released on 3rd November on AIS Records, featuring Erin Hill, with one of the most acclaimed harpists around.

man machine


‘The Model’ from The Man Machine

(Capitol, 1978)

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The genius of Kraftwerk was to combine automaton music with lyrics that made plain, direct statements of fact and a deadpan, impersonal delivery yet still managing to convey a depth of emotion and, indeed, danceability. They added an entirely new dimension to composition which is a very rare achievement.