Kraftwerk changed my life: 20 artists pick their favourite Kraftwerk records of all time






Kasper Bjørke

Danish producer Kasper Bjørke first made his name as one half of disco house duo Filur with Tomas Barfod. Since 2007 he’s pursued an exciting and versatile solo career. His ability to dabble in everything from krautrock to house and disco, electro to rave-rock with natural finesse has been a treat for the Scandinavian electronic scene. He also has a strong presence behind the scenes as a musical entrepreneur and managing his own acts including Trentemøller and Reptile Youth.



The Man Machine

(Capitol, 1978)

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Obviously The Man Machine album is a groundbreaking, classic electronic record. The minimal drum programming, the main synthesizer theme and the quirky German accent on the vocoder vocals of ‘The Robot’, makes it a cold and dark masterpiece. This particular track always makes me smile and reminds me of when I first discovered Kraftwerk and all kinds of electronic music.