Kraftwerk changed my life: 20 artists pick their favourite Kraftwerk records of all time






DJ Food

The man has so many records he’s had to build his own content website just to keep them in check. A champion of all things vinyl, Strictly Kev is old school Ninja Tune and one of the most sample-educated heads out there, and guess what, it all began with Kraftwerk.




(Philips, 1974)

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This was the first Kraftwerk song I heard even though I didn’t know it at the time. My dad had Autobahn on tape, recorded from the radio when it was a freak hit for the group in 1974 and it always stood out from the other songs and I would wait for it to come on when he played that tape. Although I wasn’t a Dr Who fan it always reminded me of the Cybermen with its metallic sounds, vocoder and the breakdown midway with the car sounds frightening me as a child. It wasn’t until their other freak hit in 1981, ‘The Model’, that I put the two together as the record labels scrambled to reissue their back catalogue and suddenly there were 5 old LPs available to buy from this ‘new’ German group (I was only 11). I picked up Autobahn eventually and there it was, the track my dad had on tape, except it was a 20 minute version that took up the whole side of an LP.

In 2013 I got to see them perform it at the Tate Modern and hearing them perform the songs from the B side like ‘Morgenspaziergang’, which originally contained flute, was a real treat. During the title track I was transported back to my childhood during the breakdown section and had quite a ‘moment’ realising that it was nearly 40 years ago that the song had entered my life and more than likely helped install a love of electronic music.