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The Vinyl Factory is the only major pressing plant in the United Kingdom. Located in Hayes in West London, once the vibrant manufacturing hub at the heart of the UK music industry, The Vinyl Factory continues to make the most coveted vinyl editions on the planet with the original machinery used to press The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols and many more of the most emblematic records in history.


The seat of the UK music industry for over four decades, Hayes was home to both EMI and HMV manufacturing. The former mastered pressed and distributed close to 20 million records a year for the era’s most important artists, the latter built the gramophones on which those records were enjoyed across the world.

Defying the advent of newer, more disposable formats like the CD, and ultimately digital music, The Vinyl Factory stepped in to take over the EMI pressing plant at the turn of the millennium to fire up the classic machines once more.

Fifteen years later, vinyl sales are higher than they have been for two decades, vinyl is the fastest growing format on the market. The Vinyl Factory now presses over two million records a year, adding to the legacy with modern classics by the likes of Radiohead, Björk, The xx, and Massive Attack.

The Presses

Behind the statistics, what sets The Vinyl Factory apart is its presses. Using a technology that has never been bettered, the factory is still powered by the iconic and utterly unique EMI 1400 Press. Created in-house, specifically for EMI’s state-of-the-art facility, these are the only existing presses of their kind in the world.

You can take a look at our photographic guide to what goes on inside the vinyl factory here or explore this detailed infographic behind the process of making your favourite records.

The Vinyl Factory also currently operates the last remaining gatefold making machine in the world and offers a full range of services, from standard 12”, 10”, 7” formats to coloured vinyl, etched or die-cut records and bespoke editions.

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