Kraftwerk changed my life: 20 artists pick their favourite Kraftwerk records of all time





Swedish band Goat


Fresh from releasing their brilliant new LP Commune, which typically draws from an array of globe-spanning influences, Swedish outfit Goat are a great example of a band touched by Kraftwerk in a way that is not immediately obvious. It’s never been clear now much voodoo and raw tribal fusion were a feature of Kraftwerk’s music but it’s a testament to the reach of Computer World that it got to Goat as deeply as it has the array of producers who’ve picked it too.



Computer World

(EMI, 1981)

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Kraftwerk are an amazingly innovative and influential group. We love all of their albums and it is almost impossible to point out a favourite one. You will get different answers from everyone within Goat. For me, Autobahn was a favourite record for years and I always kept coming back to it, until I buried myself in Computer World. So that is the album I want to point out. It’s got very minimalistic production and a modern sound. It could have been done today and would still sound the same. I think the album really starts with ‘Numbers’ and then it just gets more and more hypnotizing. And when the last tones of ‘It’s More Fun To Compute’ dies, you are really exhausted, if you have listened carefully. It’s not packed with sounds so there is a lot of air in between, but they use everything so gently. The result is kind of dark and evil I think. Even on the beautiful ‘Computer love’, but especially the base on ‘Home Computer’. It’s my favorite Kraftwerk album right now, but ask me again in a couple of years and I’m sure I´ll point out another one.