Kraftwerk changed my life: 20 artists pick their favourite Kraftwerk records of all time






Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy (Bison / Claremont 56)

As the man behind the brilliant Claremont 56 lebel, Paul Murphy has overseen the release and reissue of some of the most fiendishly analogue balearic music in recent years. Building on previous collaborations with Can star (and Kraftwerk hater Holger Czukay) Murphy has recently rekindled that relationship for the saloon psychedelia of Bison, whose outlaw blues record Travellers has been roundly acclaimed this autumn.

tour de france


Tour De France

(EMI, 1983)

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There are two very important tracks in my life that happen to be by Kraftwerk, although I was not aware of them as a band at the time. They both really pin point key moments in my life. Firstly, ‘Tour De France’ which is featured in the film ‘Beat Street’, in Turbo’s break dancing scene and for me was the perfect song to practice my breakdancing to. I have probably listened to that record more than any other record in my life. The second is a cut up, on House Nation Records, called ‘New Beats The House’, which is the first song I think of when I recall my special times at the Four Aces Club in 1989/90. I arrived late to the party finding Kraftwerk, but once I had explored their back catalogue, I soon realised what a massive influence on music they were – and obviously still are today.