The top 20 vinyl record sleeves of 2014




3. Aphex Twin



We couldn’t avoid the super limited Syro, designed by Warp regulars The Designers Republic and given the Richard James stamp of approval. As it is the regular edition is pretty impressive from a design point of view because of the effort made to deconstruct the production process within the packaging. As far as we know it’s the first record to detail every production cost and supply a ‘disinfographic’ outlining all the equipment used in making the album, which completed with an all-white triple gatefold is quite frankly a thing of a beauty. But the special version cranks up it up to the max with a bonus track pressed into fabric, shots of the raw vinyl pucks used to produce album and a stunning perspex finish. And also worth writing home about is the price. Initially it was put on the market for a whopping £250, but even if you were willing to break the bank for this, you were probably left disappointed seeing as only 200 lucky ballot winners could actually get their hands on one. As a result, limited Syro also makes the cut as one of our 10 most collectable records in 2014, as well as a top record in terms of artwork and packaging.