The top 20 vinyl record sleeves of 2014





12. zoviet*france:

Patina Pooling


This record is so industrial you need to watch out for rust! No seriously, you do. The 2x 180g vinyl is wrapped in weathered and laser-etched reclaimed steel sleeve and packaged with artefacts salvaged from a burnt-out American warehouse in the ‘80s. As a result, it weighs a ton and the rust does spread. As impractical as that may be, it’s beautifully fitting for the music of Patina Pooling  – a haunting “call and response of residue and hybrid” between industrial pioneers, :zoviet*france: and sound scavengers, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project. Marking F.A.M.P.’s first vinyl release after decades of tapes and CDs, the edition is limited to 350 copies and sold out almost immediately.


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