The 10 most collectable records of 2014






We begin our end of year review with a look at ten of the most collectable records of 2014.

So what defines a collectable record? Well, in our opinion many things, and rather than ranked as a definitive countdown, the records in this list each provide an opportunity to discuss a little about what we understand as value, from both a collector’s and a listener’s point of view. Of course, collectable doesn’t always means valuable and it’s in this rupture that we’ve sought to place these ten records.

A few points to consider: The first, perhaps most expedient, yet nevertheless obvious factor when talking about collectables is monetary value, both on release and then later on the second hand market. By definition, every release in this list has to have been released in 2014, meaning the time in which they have to accrue any additional monetary value is short.

While there are many reasons for a record to go up in value, high demand and short supply will expedite this no end. However, not all collectable releases need be particularly limited, as Slint’s Spiderland box set proved this year, with over 3,000 copies in circulation still demanding close to £200 on Discogs from the band’s tireless cult following.

Finally, there’s the question of organic versus manufactured value and the difference between records readily available for £10 on release and those whose distribution or exclusivity closely control the conditions of their value.

With the following ten records we’ve attempted to select a cross-section of titles that explore these points in greater depth, where value, rarity and collectibility are not only measured by inflated second-hand price-tags.

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Illustration by Petra Péterffy. See more of her work here.