The top 20 vinyl record sleeves of 2014




Having discussed the 10 most collectable records of the year, we move on to the design award and the top 20 record sleeves of 2014.

However, this isn’t just a run down of the year’s best record covers as such, for one of the many reasons we love vinyl is that has three dimensions. So rather than focus on just the image on the sleeve, we’re taking into account the whole package, from skinny etched 12″s to burgeoning box sets. While a bit of a mouthful this is then more a list of the 20 best pieces of artwork, design and packaging released this year, but that doesn’t make for much of a title.

What we’re looking for here is artwork which makes a virtue of the format, exploring the full potential of the 12″ sleeve as a blank canvas and the packaging as an opportunity to create something which offers you something substantially more immersive than owning a CD or MP3. With that in mind the process and craft of each contender has also been taken into account in creating unique objects, whether individually hand-painted by a DIY label, or expertly produced under the auspices of a contemporary design house.

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Illustration by Petra Péterffy. See more of her work here.