The top 20 vinyl record sleeves of 2014




20. Alex North

Music For 2001: A Space Odyssey


Soundtrack specialists Mondo, and one of our 8 young labels to watch in 2014, have put a great selection of movies to vinyl this year. A highlight has been bringing Alex North’s lost score for Kubrick’s seminal film to wax for the very first time. This was the original score for 2001 but was ditched by Kubrick in post-production, unbeknown to the late Alex North until the film’s premiere screening in 1968. Mondo have given the unused score the love it deserves with detailed linear notes and timecodes for each track so you can sync the film to this alternative score. Designed by Jay Shaw, the package features a glossy monolithic black gatefold with a holographic foil interior, a snapshot of the famous stargate sequence. A random selection from the limited run of 2001 copies came in a special ‘Beyond The Infinite’ coloured variant, but we think the all-black edition is just as nice.