The top 20 vinyl record sleeves of 2014



37 minute workout

6. Russell Haswell

37 Minute Workout


Powell’s diagonal records have a good claim to being label of the year as far as design is concerned and of their stellar catalogue we’ve gone for Russell Haswell’s 37 Minute Workout. As Powell told us earlier this year: “It always starts with the music on any piece of production, and we felt that Russell doing this more rhythmic, club-oriented stuff was almost like him revealing another side to his artistic self without abandoning that deadly, angst-ridden provocation that he’s built his name on. So creatively, we wanted to show that a little bit, which is why on the front you have this abstracted number 37, something that feels almost poppy with its toothpaste colour and white background, contrasting with the visual ‘noise’ on the back. It’s like new and old Russ in the same fucked-up package…. if you hold it up in the light you’ll see there’s a spot UV finish that outlines a clock-face, almost like a pie chart, that reads 37 minutes. This shit doesn’t change the world, but when you’re working with vinyl you have more opportunities to do things that keep you interested.” Amen.