• Jack White releasing new vinyl-only 3xLP live album

    By | July 3, 2018

    With artwork inspired by Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.

    Jack White is releasing a new 3xLP album on black, blue and white vinyl, this July via his Third Man Records Vault subscription scheme.

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    Jack White Live in Nashville / Live in Detroit HOME AND AWAY features tracks from his March Boarding House Reach tour, with solo fare like ‘Battle Cry’ and ‘Over and Over and Over’ alongside White Stripes tracks such as ‘Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground’.

    The triple vinyl release includes “a die-cut sleeve with peep-in artwork” inspired by Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti and the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls, three 8×10″ photos from the performances, and a Jack White logo flag.

    “We want to see these things flying at Jack White concerts the world over. Hell, we want to see these EVERYWHERE,” explains Third Man Records.

    Head here for more info and listen to ‘Corporation’ live at Third Man Records Cass Corridor below.

  • Jack White’s Third Man Records releasing new pre-amp

    By | February 13, 2018

    A yellow version of Pro-Ject’s Phono Box MM.

    Third Man Records is releasing a new version of Pro-Ject’s budget phono box mm.

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    Phono box mm pre-amp is designed to accompany amplifiers which do not include a dedicated phono input, which you can plug your turntable directly into.

    The TMR Pre-Amp ($99), is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada, in yellow with TMR logo on top.

    Famed for his vinyl-related extravagances, it’s nice to see Jack White offer something more practical this time around.

    Head here for more info.

    Check out how phono preamps can enhance your turntable sound in our guide.

  • Jack White announces new album BOARDING HOUSE REACH

    By | January 12, 2018

    Limited vinyl edition only available through Third Man subscription service.

    Jack White has revealed details of his third solo album BOARDING HOUSE REACH, set to be released via Third Man and XL Recordings on 23rd March.

    Heralded earlier this week with a 7″ single of ‘Connected By Love’ b/w ‘Respect Commander’, BOARDING HOUSE REACH is described as “his most ambitious work thus far”, traversing musical genres from “crunching rock ‘n’ roll, electro and hard funk, proto punk, hip hop, gospel blues, and even country.”

    While White’s last solo effort Lazaretto made the very most of the vinyl format with a number of secret and not-so-secret gimmicks, BOARDING HOUSE REACH appears to be a little more restrained, with the only limited edition vinyl variant of the album available through Third Man’s Vault Package #35 – the label’s vinyl subscription service.

    Pressed at Third Man’s own pressing plant, the 180-gram, blue and black swirl vinyl edition features exclusive cover art and a 12″ x 24″ insert featuring the complete album lyrics.

    Available on 23rd March, you can find out more and sign-up for the limited vinyl on the Third Man website.


    1. Connected By Love
    2. Why Walk A Dog?
    3. Corporation
    4. Abulia and Akrasia
    5. Hypermisophoniac
    6. Ice Station Zebra
    7. Over and Over and Over
    8. Everything You’ve Ever Learned
    9. Respect Commander
    10. Ezmerelda Steals The Show
    11. Get In The Mind Shaft
    12. What’s Done Is Done
    13. Humoresque

  • 18 new albums to add to your collection in early 2018

    By | January 12, 2018

    Your essential guide to the new year’s best new music.

    Picking up where Sampha, Sudan, Kendrick and the rest of our favourite records of 2017 left off, we’ve picked out eighteen albums for you to look forward to in the next few months.

    All either available for pre-order or fully confirmed, the Alpenglow from these records is already giving us fresh energy to tackle the relentless grey skies, spanning a range of moods you need to add to your record collection.

    Expect new music from big names like David Byrne, Nils Frahm, Jack White and Ryuichi Sakamoto, alongside some of a taste of what’s bubbling below the radar, with our favourite independent labels like On the Corner, Jazzman, Hyperdub, Growing Bin and Awesome tapes From Africa already lining up heat for the cold months ahead.

    Got something you’re particularly looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.


    Super Liminal

    (On The Corner)

    Due: 19th Jan

    Listen / Pre-order

    Dance floor ready afrofunk meets Latin rhythms and lo-fi electronics in this third album from London-based ensemble Penya. A follow-up to their Acelere EP, Super Liminal mixes hypnotic, syrupy percussions, with bata drumming extravaganzas, trombone improvs and dubby blips and bops. Sure to provide much needed heat to fuel the shoulder shimmies and hip grooves for many months to come.

    Nils Frahm

    All Melody

    (Erased Tapes)

    Due: 26th Jan

    Listen / Pre-order

    Nils Frahm’s seventh studio album sees him tickling the emotional classical ivories once more. Recorded in Saal 3 inside Berlin’s iconic 1950s East German Funkhaus, Frahm reconstructed the entire studio space to create an environment perfectly suited his cinematic keyboard patter. “This record includes what I think sticks out,” shares Frahm “and describes my recent musical discoveries in the best possible way I could imagine.”


    Con Todo El Mundo

    (Night Time Stories)

    Due: 26th Jan

    Listen / Pre-order

    Texan trio Khruangbin shift their radar away from Thailand for a new release that promises to channel the global psych sound – a musical vernacular articulating protest, dissent and freedom of expression from Iran to Latin America. Expect heavy breaks, reverb and in the pocket grooves.

    Various Artists

    We Out Here


    Due: 9th Feb

    Listen / Pre-order

    Showcasing London’s vibrant and inspiring young jazz scene, Gilles Peterson imprint Brownswood assembles an all-star selection of the city’s finest jazz musicians. Recorded over the course of three days, the 2xLP We Out Here collection features 9 new tracks from Moses Boyd (who released his Absolute Zero EP on VF in 2017), Maisha, Ezra Collective, Moses Boyd, Theon Cross, Nubya Garcia, Shabaka Hutchings, Triforce, Joe Armon-Jones, and Kokoroko. Future’s looking so bright you’re gonna need some serious shades.

    Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt

    Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World

    (Growing Bin)

    Due: 9th Feb

    Listen / Pre-order

    If Jan Schulte aka Wolf Müller’s Tropical Drums of Deutschland comp last year made Germany’s percussive heritage abundantly clear, Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World is something of a contemporary addendum – Müller adding his own flowering rainforest-tinged productions to a tradition no-one really knew existed. This time he’s got German drummer Niklas Wandt on board to propel a fairy-tale excursion through the exotic dance floor undergrowth. #DrumsForPeace


    Go Dig My Grave


    Due: 9th Feb

    Listen / Pre-order

    Following her ambitious, electronic opus Triangle in 2016, Norwegian singer and songwriter Susanna returns to the acoustic realm, with accordion, harp and fiddle in tow to reinterpret ten songs from markedly different worlds. Look out for music by Joy Division, Lou Reed, Purcell, alongside a once-banned poem by Charles Baudelaire.

    Hailu Mergia

    Lala Belu

    (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

    Due: 16th Feb

    Listen / Pre-order

    Funky Ethiopian keyboardist and accordion player Hailu Mergia is back with his first studio album in 15 years. A comeback album of sorts following his recent revival thanks to a series of LP reissues on Awesome Tapes From Africa, Lala Belu “is very different from all the albums I did after I left Ethiopia” shares Mergia. With first single ‘Gum Gum’ already in heavy rotation, we can’t wait to hear what the maestro’s full length holds in store.



    (Ghostly International )

    Due: 16th Feb

    Listen / Pre-order

    Tadd Mullinix returns under his Dabrye alias for the first time in 12 years to deliver his signature instrumental heavy hip-hop. Three/Three is the final instalment of a 3 LP arc following 2001’s One/Three and 2006’s Two/Three. If blazing first single ‘Emancipated’ featuring Ghostface Killah is anything to go by, Three/Three will be very much worth the wait.

    Answer Code Request


    (Ostgut Ton)

    Due: 23rd Feb

    Listen / Pre-order

    Answer Code Request aka Patrick Gräser is back with Gens, the follow-up to his excellent 2014 Ostgut Ton debut. Throwing even more shades on Gräser’s first LP, Gens sits requisite eyebrow singeing techno alongside moody instrumental synth, electro and even ethereal ambient. The result is a unique and forward-thinking view we hope to see across dance floors all year long.

    DJ Taye

    Still Trippin’


    Due: 2nd March

    Listen / Pre-order

    “When Rashad passed away I felt inspired to continue evolving the music that I loved so much coming up in this world,” says DJ Taye, for whom the passing of footwork pioneer was the catalyst for the sixteen soulfully rhythmic firecrackers on Still Trippin’ that promise to push the music forward once more. Big tip.

    Ryuichi Sakamoto / Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto / Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda, Mika Vainio

    async remodels / Glass / Live 2002

    (Milan / NOTON / NOTON)

    Due: 2nd March / 16th Feb / 20th Jan

    Listen / Pre-order

    Three releases rolled into one entry here as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda and Mika Vainio join forces in various iterations. First up, one of our 10 favourite albums of 2017, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s async has been treated to a selection of remixes by admirers from across the electronic music spectrum (Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca, Jóhann Jóhannsson). Then there’s Sakamoto and Alva Noto’s live improvisation Glass, which is described as “like a baby observing raindrops on a nocturnal window for the first time.” Finally, a 2002 live performance between Noto, Ryoji Ikeda and the late Mika Vainio is also set for a release on Noton. Phwoar.

    Park Jiha



    Due: 2nd March

    Listen / Pre-order

    The debut album from 박지하 Park Jiha mixes traditonal Korean music with modern jazz and minimal classic to a hypnotically atmospheric and otherworldly effect. Featuring piri (double reed flute), saenghwang (mouth organ), and yanggeum (hammered dulcimer), Communion is both strangely familiar and beautifully unknown.

    David Byrne

    American Utopia


    Due: 9th March

    Listen / Pre-order

    2017 was pretty rough, even David Byrne knows this. To help us all with positive thinking, Byrne launched multi-media project Reasons To Be Cheerful, and announced his first solo LP release in 14 years, inspired by the project. With collaborations including Brian Eno, producer Rodaidh McDonald alongside contributors Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Jam City, and Sampha, whose Process LP was our favourite album of 2017, the prospect of Byrne’s American Utopia has us feeling better already.

    Nat Birchall

    Cosmic Language


    Due: 9th March

    Mancunian saxophonist Nat Birchall has been blowing the horn for spiritual jazz long before the new wave of UK musicians made it hip again. Expect Birchall to channel his modal vocabulary in the Alice Coltrane/Yusef Lateef tradition once more with Cosmic Language, drawing influence from India and West Lancashire in equal measure.

    Cavern Of Anti-Matter

    Hormone Lemonade


    Due: 23rd March

    Listen / Pre-order

    Stereolab’s Tim Gane returns for a third album of motorik analogue synth excitement with Cavern Of Anti-Matter. Throw in some home-made drum machines, hypnotic overdubs and retro-industrial artwork and you’ve got all the ingredients for a particularly intoxicating soft drink.

    Jack White


    (Third Man Records / Columbia)

    Due: 23rd March


    Jack White’s third solo album was heralded with a tri-colour 7″ release earlier this week which, it’s safe to say, only received a lukewarm reception. However, that’s not to say you should throw the baby out with the bathwater, and knowing White’s penchant for extravagant vinyl editions, we’re holding out for all kinds of novel trickery on this one too.

    Sons Of Kemet

    Your Queen Is A Reptile


    Due: 30th March


    Continuing to lay claim to the title of most prolific member of the UK jazz scene, Shabaka Hutchings (who also appears on this list via the We Out Here compilation) is back with his Sons of Kemet crew. Little has been revealed about the album aside from its title, track names and liner notes, but with a band that includes Hutchings, alongside Theo Cross on tuba plus Tom Skinner and Eddie Hick on drums, little else needs to be said to get our anticipation levels dialled up to 11.

    Chris Carter

    Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lesson Volume 1


    Due: 30th March

    Listen / Pre-order

    Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter releases his first solo record in 17 years in March, proving once and for all that industrial music is as crucial as Auntie in British cultural history. Inspired by ’60s BBC Radiophonic Workshop soundtracks and incidental musics, Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lesson Volume 1 also promises to weave ingrained old English folk melodies into the record’s electronic DNA.

  • Father John Misty to cut live album direct-to-vinyl at Jack White’s Third Man Records

    By | September 25, 2017

    On the in-house 1955 Scully Lathe.

    Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman will be performing a free, solo acoustic show at Third Man Records’ Blue Room, next Tuesday 26th September, for a set that will be recorded and cut to vinyl as it happens.

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    “Third Man’s Blue Room is the only live venue in the world where artists can record their performance direct-to-acetate.”

    “We will open doors at noon for a 12:30pm short set, which will be recorded by Third Man engineers on the in-house 1955 Scully Lathe for future release,” says Third Man.

    One randomly chosen attendee will receive a copy of the record, while others can pre-order black and blue version of the release.

    The live album follows the release of Tillman’s Pure Comedy LP earlier this year.

    Admittance will be on a first come, first served basis.

    Head here for more info.

  • The White Stripes’ Icky Thump gets deluxe 10th anniversary vinyl reissue

    By | June 19, 2017

    Featuring B-sides, unreleased material, art prints and more.

    Jack White and Third Man records are to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of The White Stripes’ final album Icky Thump with an expansive deluxe vinyl reissue.

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    Pressed to “contained explosion” coloured vinyl – the first time the album has appeared beyond the standard black wax (and indeed the first Third Man Vault title to be pressed at its new pressing plant in Detroit) – the complete package also features b-sides, recording session outtakes, a polaroid photo book, art prints, and more.

    As ever, Third Man have gone to town on the packaging, creating a soft-touch coated telescoping box using the St. Andrew Cross motif of the original album artwork.

    You can preview a previously unreleased demo from the accompanying Red Demos 12″ here.

    Released as part of Third Man’s Vault subscription service, Icky Thump X is available to members and those signing up before 31st July. Find out more here.

    See more details and a tracklist breakdown below:

    Deluxe Vinyl:

    01. Icky Thump
    02. You Don’t Know What Love is (You Just Do as You’re Told)
    03. 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues
    04. Conquest
    05. Bone Broke
    06. Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
    07. St. Andrew (This Battle is in the Air)
    08. Little Cream Soda
    09. Rag and Bone
    10. I’m Slowly Turning Into You
    11. A Martyr for My Love for You
    12. Catch Hell Blues
    13. Effect and Cause

    Icky Thump Extras:

    01. Tennessee Border (originally by Hank Williams)
    02. Baby Brother (originally by Bill Carter and the Rovin Gamblers)
    03. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) (Frat rock version)
    04. A Martyr For My Love For You (Acoustic version)
    05. It’s My Fault For Being Famous (prod. Beck)
    06. Cash Grab Complications On The Matter (prod. Beck)
    07. Honey, We Can’t Afford To Look This Cheap (prod. Beck)
    08. Conquest (Acoustic mariachi version) (prod. Beck)
    09. Conquista (Spanish language version) (prod. Beck)

    The Red Demos:

    01. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)
    02. A Martyr For My Love For You
    03. Rag and Bone
    04. Catch Hell Blues
    05. Little Cream Soda
    06. Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
    07. Monkeys Have It Easy (Previously unreleased)
    08. Bone Broke
    09. Icky Thump
    10. Conquest
    11. 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues

  • “Everything is possible”: Jack White gives a tour of Third Man’s new pressing plant

    By | February 24, 2017

    The “most incredible” vinyl factory opens to the public tomorrow.

    Less than a year after opening a record store in Detroit, Jack White’s Third Man will this Saturday open a 10,000-square foot vinyl pressing plant within the same complex.

    “If I was going to pick one place it was going to be Detroit, and this neighbourhood in Cass Corridor,” said Jack White in a new interview with WXYZ Detroit, which you can watch below.

    One of the new factory’s unique features is a viewing window that allows customers to see the pressing process in action. “It’s a natural continuation of what we built with the store front here and the live venue,” White continued.

    “The dream was to have a plant where people could see records being pressed and you could buy those records immediately… which doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. Trying to make things that have never existed before is our goal at Third Man.”

    Look out for our forthcoming video tour of Third Man’s new factory but for now watch this video on the new operation from Third Man:

    Third Man’s biggest triumph of 2016 was playing the first vinyl record in outer-space. Revisit the mission below:

  • Jack White unveils career-spanning interactive timeline

    By | September 7, 2016

    With exclusive tracks, videos and photos.

    This week sees the release of Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016, which features alternate versions, mixes and previously unreleased recordings by The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and White’s solo material. To mark the compilation, Jack White has today published an interactive timeline that offers a unique insight into his on-going artistic development.

    Using a broad range of multimedia – behind-the scenes photos, rare songs, video, handwritten lyrics – the newly launched website tells the stories behind every track on the new collection. Starting with 1998’s ‘Sugar Never Tasted So Good’ from 1998 right up to the abandoned and then newly released track White Stripes song ‘City Lights’, play with the timeline here.

    Last month, Jack White and his Third Man label successfully played a vinyl record in outer space for the first time. Watch footage here.


  • Jack White to release acoustic recordings on double vinyl

    By | August 12, 2016

    Career-spanning compilation due next month.

    When he’s not sending records into space, Jack White still deals in earthly matters. Featuring alternate versions, mixes and previously unreleased recordings from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and solo material, Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 is a comprehensive overview of the Third Man boss’s songwriting development.

    Arranged in chronological order, the record begins with music from The White Stripes’ second ever 7″, tracing favourites and lesser known tracks from De Stijl, White Blood Cells, Elephant and Icky Thump.

    Originally intended for release on Get Behind Me Satan, you can hear ‘City Lights’ now, which is included in the release and is technically the first new, worldwide commercially released White Stripes song since 2008.

    There is also music from his only outing with The Raconteurs and both subsequent solo albums, Blunderbuss and Lazaretto, as well as tracks recorded for the Cold Mountain soundtrack and Coca-Cola’s What Goes Around campaign from 2006.

    Released on 9th September, the 2xLP vinyl edition of Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 is available for pre-order now. Check out the tracklist below.

    SIDE A
    01. Sugar Never Tasted So Good
    02. Apple Blossom (Remixed)
    03. I’m Bound To Pack It Up (Remixed)
    04. Hotel Yorba
    05. We’re Going To Be Friends
    06. You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket
    07. Well It’s True That We Love One Another
    08. Never Far Away

    SIDE B
    01. Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)
    02. White Moon
    03. As Ugly As I Seem
    04. City Lights (Previously Unreleased White Stripes Track)
    05. Honey, We Can’t Afford To Look This Cheap
    06. Effect & Cause

    SIDE C
    01. Love Is The Truth (Acoustic Mix)
    02. Top Yourself (Bluegrass Version)
    03. Carolina Drama (Acoustic Mix)
    04. Love Interruption
    05. On And On And On
    06. Machine Gun Silhouette (Acoustic Mix)

    SIDE D
    01. Blunderbuss
    02. Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy (Alternate Mix)
    03. I Guess I Should Go To Sleep (Alternate Mix)
    04. Just One Drink (Acoustic Mix)
    05. Entitlement
    06. Want And Able

  • Watch Jack White attempt to play a vinyl record in space

    By | July 30, 2016

    T minus 33 1/3rpm.

    Four years in the planning, Jack White’s hair-brained scheme to play a vinyl record in outer space is on the verge of becoming a reality.

    Like Felix Baumgartner perched on the edge of his Stratos pod, we wait with baited breath. And like that epic base jump, Third Man have rigged a live stream to capture the whole cosmic playback, which is due to take place on 30th July at midday CT, (6PM BST).

    You can watch the whole thing live with us below:

    Update: The flight was a success! See more from Third Man below:

  • Jack White details plan to play first vinyl record in space

    By | July 25, 2016

    Third Man Records launch most ambitious stunt yet.

    Jack White’s Third Man Records have announced plans to be the first to play a vinyl record in space.

    Seeking to fulfill White’s long-held ambition, the label has built a custom “space-proof” turntable called “the Icarus Craft” which will be hoisted into the atmosphere attached to a high-altitude balloon.


    As mooted in a teaser video last week, the record set to be played in space will be a gold-plated master of Carl Sagan’s single ‘A Glorious Dawn’, released on TMR in 2010. It will be the label’s 3 millionth record pressed.

    The project will be launched at parties on July 30 at both Third Man locations in Nashville and Detroit, featuring live bands, exclusive merchandise, limited edition gold vinyl copies of the Sagan record, and more.


    The Icarus Craft itself will be on display at the Detroit store, while the record will be viewable in Nashville.

    Both parties begin at 11 a.m, and the pre-recorded launch will screen and stream online at noon. [via Pitchfork]

  • Is Jack White about to play a vinyl record in outer space?

    By | July 20, 2016

    Third Man Records promises to “make vinyl history again” on 30th July.

    Last night Jack White’s Third Man Records released a teaser video for a new project, which could hint at White’s long-held “secret plan” to play a vinyl record in outer space.

    Simply carrying the words “On 30th July Third Man Records is going to make vinyl history again”, the text is followed by a rotating gold record that spins close enough to reveal the label of Carl Sagan’s ‘A Glorious Dawn’, released on 7″ by Third Man in 2009.

    The cryptic communication has had fans guessing what White’s next outrageous vinyl stunt could be, with many suggesting a TMR reissue of the Voyager Golden Record – the set of records sent into space on both Voyager spacecrafts in 1977, featuring the sounds of Earth as masterminded by Sagan – could be on the cards.

    But what if it’s actually something much bigger than that? Speaking to astronaut Buzz Aldrin for Interview Magazine in 2012, White revealed that the label has “a secret project” to have one of his releases on Third Man to be “the first vinyl record played in outer space”.

    Screen shot 2016-07-20 at 9.53.35 AM

    As he described it at the time, the plan involves launching “a balloon that carries a vinyl record” before figuring out “a way to drop the needle with all that turbulence up there and ensure that it will play.”

    And what better Third Man record to play in outer space than Carl Sagan’s ‘A Glorious Dawn’?

    Of course it’s all still speculation at this point, but keep checking the skies and let’s hope we’re about to see something special…

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