• Are rare records getting more expensive? Discogs thinks so

    By | November 16, 2018

    Platform sees average price of high-end items rise exponentially since 2010.

    Discogs has published a report looking at the fluctuation in price of its high value items over the last eight years.

    Prompted by what it calls “a handful of downright eye-popping transactions” in the marketplace over the last 12 months in which five records topped $10,000, it has crunched the numbers to find the quarterly average of most expensive records sold through Discogs has exploded since 2015.

    Having stayed around or under the $2,000 mark in the first half of the decade, prices have since grown rapidly, reaching new heights over five times that figure in 2018.

    The trend is mirrored lower down the price scale too, albeit with a less dramatic upwards trajectory. The quarterly average for the 30th most expensive item sold has climbed from around $300 to $1,300 since 2010.

    While the popularity of Discogs has itself played a part in competition for and availability of rare records pushing prices up, the overall picture is harder to gauge.\

    As Henry Rollins points out, Discogs has not traditionally been the forum for the biggest deals. “There are some serious deals that go down outside of eBay and Discogs… Acetates, original artwork, etc. It’s all done very quietly. You get the email, and you tell the guy if you’re in or not, the money is wired, no PayPal. I have gotten some one-of-a-kind stuff that way.”

    You can read the full Discogs report here.

  • Reverb LP launches mobile app for buying and selling records

    By | November 9, 2018

    A potential Discogs competitor?

    Reverb LP – Reverb.com‘s online marketplace for buying and selling records – has launched its first mobile app for iOS and Android.

    According to the company, Reverb LP uses software similar to that of dating website Match.com, “ensuring that the right buyers and sellers find each other”. The app will allow users to trade in new, used, and rare records.

    As Dan Melnick, President at Reverb LP says: “More than just a website, we’re creating an online community where buyers and sellers from all over are connecting over records, CDs, and other pieces of physical music that were previously out of their reach. The mobile app we’ve created will make it easier than ever for sellers to keep up with their shops and buyers to browse Reverb LP’s always-changing inventory on-the-go.”

    Whether or not the app will represent a challenge to Discogs’ record marketplace dominance remains to be seen.

    The news follows the launch of Reverb LP’s site in late 2017. Earlier this year, Sonic Youth and Moby sold records from personal collections exclusively via Reverb LP.

    Head here to browse the wares on offer or set up a shop of your your own.

  • Discogs has launched a Discogs Exclusives marketplace

    By | October 19, 2018

    “For the true collector.”

    Discogs has launched a new marketplace dedicated to Discogs Exclusive releases.

    The new platform, now in its beta phase, will sell a range of rare and limited release vinyl and cassette offerings including test-pressings, special editions, out of print fare and warehouse finds.

    So why start a separate marketplace for these items? Discogs’ Jeffrey Smith explains:

    “We would have intense conversations with people working within the indie/major label communities; people who were Discogs devotees and passionate collectors themselves.”

    “There was a common story evolving. They have access to something neither we nor the Community have access to: test pressings or tiny amounts of out-of-print stock that can be hard to find — even in our own Marketplace.

    “It felt like there had to be something we could do to help bring this stuff into the open for collectors everywhere, not just those with connections.”

    Discogs has teamed up with Sacred Bones Records for the first Discogs Exclusives item, A John Carpenter cassette box set collecting all of his full-length albums.

    Limited to 500 copies, the set includes Lost Themes, Lost Themes II, Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998, and Halloween 2018 OST.

    The site has also listed two White Stripes’ test pressings of the group’s final studio album, Icky Thump.

    Head here to check out the site and order a copy.

  • You can now buy records on the Discogs App

    By | August 20, 2018

    The update also includes Discogs’ world record shop map.

    Discogs has announced a major update to its iOS app, allowing allow users to buy records and access payment histories for the first time.

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    The integration of the Discogs marketplace will be accompanied by the inclusion of Discogs’ user-generated inetrnational record shop database, VinylHub, which will also be accessible from the app.

    The app was launched two years ago as a way for collectors to manage collections and wantlists. Its 2.0 update will bring the record database’s primary sales function into the app, meaning users will no longer need to navigate to a web browser to make purchases.

    VinylHub integration will allow users to check whether there are record shops nearby, as well as see whether specific shops have stock for sale on Discogs.

    While the Discogs app is exclusive to iOS, Android users have already enjoyed marketplace and VinylHub integration for some time.

    Find out more about the developments here.

  • Prince’s The Black Album becomes the most expensive record in the history of Discogs

    By | August 6, 2018

    The only known Canadian copy was sold for $27,500.

    Originally titled The Funk Bible in press releases, The Black Album was intended as a follow up to 1987’s Sign O’ the Times, exploring a darker tone and incorporating fewer pop elements. The original promo copies featured a black sleeve with no title, artist name or photography, leading to it being labelled The Black Album.

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    However, a week before the release, Prince declared the album to be ‘evil’ and ordered all 500,000 copies to be destroyed, turning it into one of the rarest records in the world. While it was released by Warner Brothers on CD and cassette in 1994, and on Tidal in 2016, no vinyl copies were ever created again.

    A small amount of promo copies survived, which lead to it becoming one of the most bootlegged albums of all time. One of these promo copies sold for $15,000 on Discogs in 2016, breaking its highest sale record at the time.

    Returning to break Discogs’ sale records again, a Canadian copy of The Black Album has just been sold for $27,500. Unlike previous sales, the record was not a promo copy, having been saved by an anonymous employee at Columbia Records’ Canadian pressing plant, making it the only known Canadian copy to exist.

    Read more about the sale in Discogs’ blog post.

  • One of the rarest punk records in the world has appeared on Discogs

    By | August 1, 2018

    One of supposedly only nine original copies of the Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save the Queen’ is now being sold on Discogs.

    Before signing to Virgin Records and officially releasing ‘God Save the Queen’, a song that declared the arrival of punk into the mainstream, the Sex Pistols were originally signed to A&M Records. However, just six days after they were signed on March 10th 1977, A&M’s owner, Herb Alpert, destroyed the contract, due to the Sex Pistols’ volatile nature.

    Subsequently, the 25,000 copies already pressed were destroyed by A&M. However, nine promo copies are thought to have survived, making them some of the rarest records pressed in the UK.

    Genuine originals have a serrated anti-slip necklace and ‘7284’ written twice on the B-side runout. The record has ‘God Save the Queen’ on the A-side and ‘No Feelings’ on the B-Side.

    The Sex Pistols’ 7” single is being sold on Discogs by UK-based user davepunx for £16,450. If sold for the asking price, it will become the most expensive copy sold to date. The last original A&M pressing sold on Discogs for £11, 142 in November 2017, becoming the most expensive record sold that month.

    The record’s price has been steadily rising, with Pete Bonner, owner of Pyschotron records, selling his copy at £15,000 in July, an increase from the £13,000 a copy fetched in 2006.

  • There are now over 10 million releases on Discogs

    By | June 28, 2018

    A milestone for the 18-year-old music database.

    Music database and marketplace Discogs now has over 10 million unique release listings on site.

    Read more: Do bootlegs matter? What Discogs’ crackdown means for the site’s future

    Founder and President Kevin Lewandoski launched Discogs’ database in 2000; its first listing was The Persuaders 2xLP Stockholm.

    Discogs’ marketplace was launched two years later. In 2017, over £147 million was spent buying vinyl on site.

    Nearly 400,000 users contributed listings to its music database. Last year, Discogs also expanded to include new marketplaces for gear, posters, films, books and comics respectively.

  • Someone is selling a super rare copy of Prince’s The Black Album for £20,500

    By | June 4, 2018

    The only Canadian copy known to exist.

    A Canadian version of Prince’s The Black Album is being sold on Discogs for £20,571.

    Read more: 10 artists pick their favourite Prince records

    The Black Album was famously withdrawn by Prince a week before its release in December 1987, who insisted that all copies of the record be destroyed, believing it to be cursed.

    Last year, five U.S. copies of The Black Album were discovered by a former Warner Brothers executive, who put three for sale on Record Mecca.

    “As word spread of the discovery of the five sealed copies, a former Canadian record pressing plant employee contacted me with an unbelievable story of his own,” shares Record Mecca’s Jeff Gold.

    “In 1987 he was working at the CBS Toronto pressing plant. When The Black Album was pulled and the copies that had been made marked for destruction, he kept one copy for himself. He never realised its rarity or value until reading about the discovery of the U.S. copies and contacted me.”

    According to its Discogs listing, the record itself is in NM condition, with a VG+ sleeve that includes handwritten pressing plant notations and a “library” stamp.

    Prince subsequently allowed for the album to be released on CD and cassette in 1994, and digitally via Tidal in 2016.

    Head to Discogs for more info.


    Side A

    1. Le Grind
    2. Cindy C
    3. Dead on It
    4. When 2 R in Love

    Side B

    1. Bob George
    2. Superfunkycalifragisexy
    3. 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton
    4. Rockhard in a Funky Place

  • Over £147 million was spent buying vinyl on Discogs in 2017

    By | May 3, 2018

    The site has also released the top 20 best selling vinyl variant releases for January – March 2018.

    Discogs has announced its vinyl sales figures for 2017, reports the BBC.

    Over 10 million records were sold on the site last year, an increase of 1.4 million from 2016.

    In addition, Discogs revealed the top selling vinyl variant releases from January through March of this year, combining all formats into one master list.

    There were some expected entries, including numbers 1 and 2 – a Scopex 4xLP reissue by Tresor and Yasuaki Shimizu’s Kakashi on WRWTFWW, as well as Andres’ seminal house roller ‘New For U’ at number 7.

    The site also announced the 20 most expensive records sold on site over the same period, with The Beatles’ ‘Love Me Do’ 7” promo single taking the top spot for a cool $10,502.00

    Though Bowie normally tops vinyl sales, a lá Record Store Day 2018, he was surprisingly absent from these charts.

    Earlier this week, Nielsen and Official Charts reported that Record Store Day 2018 vinyl sales year hit an all-time high.

    Check out Discogs’ Q1 lists in full below.

    Top 20 best selling vinyl variations

    1. Various Artists – Scopex ’98-’00 – 4xLP reissue
    2. Yasuaki Shimizu – Kakashi – LP reissue
    3. Ryan Adams – Live At Rough Trade – Limited LP
    4. Solid Space – Space Museum – LP reissue
    5. Gorillaz – Demon Days – 2xLP Club Edition reissue
    6. Velly Joonas – Stopp, Seisku Arg! – 7”
    7. Andrés – New For U – 12”
    8. Prince And The Revolution – Purple Rain – LP allied pressing variant
    9. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories – 2xLP reissue
    10. Stardust – Music sounds Better With You – 12”, etched
    11. Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman – LP
    12. Shame – Songs of Praise – Limited sky blue LP
    13. The Breeders – All Nerve – Limited orange LP
    14. Khruangbin – The Universe Smiles Upon You – LP reissue
    15. Dream 2 Science – Dream 2 Science – LP reissue
    16. Leafar Legov – Family – 12” EP
    17. Camelphat & Elderbrook – Cola – 12”
    18. Panda Bear – A Day With The Homes –  Limited 12” EP limited
    19. Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising – 12” EP
    20. Madonna – True Blue – LP reissue

  • Nearly 8 million records were sold on Discogs in 2017

    By | February 14, 2018

    An 18.8% increase from 2016.

    Discogs has revealed its sales data from 2017, with vinyl continuing to be the highest selling format.

    According to the site 7,949,932 records were sold in 2017, versus 6,691,144 in 2016 – an increase of 1,258,788.

    By comparison 1,848,798 CDs – the second highest selling format – were sold in 2017.

    A 7″ promo single of the Beatles’ ‘Love Me Do’ was the most expensive item sold on Discogs, for $14,757.

    Head to Discogs for the full report, and check out the most expensive releases sold on the site in 2107 below.

    Discogs top selling releases 2017

    1. The Beatles – Love Me Do, 7″ Single, Promo $14,757.00
    2. Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen, 7″ Single $14,690.00
    3. Billy Nicholls – Would You Believe, LP, Album, $10,324.00
    4. Röyksopp – Melody A.M., 2xLP, Album, LTD, w/lbl $8,728.00
    5. Charley Patton – Love My Stuff / Jersey Bull Blues Shellac, 10″, Mono $7,132.00
    6. Pet Shop Boys – Yes 11×12″, Album + Box, Ltd $7,000.00
    7. Forever Amber – The Love Circle LP, Album, Mono $6,714.00
    8. Leaf Hound – Growers of Mushroom LP, Album $6,184.00
    9. Speed, Glue & Shinki – Speed, Glue & Shinki – 2xLP $5,205.00
    10. The Flaming Lips – 24 Hour Song Skull, Memory Stick (EP, EXT + FILE, WAV, 24 + FILE, WAV, 16) $5,035.00

  • Discogs launches marketplace for Android app

    By | January 18, 2018

    It’s here! 

    Discogs has announced the launch of buying and selling capabilities for its Android version of the app.

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    Discogs debuted its app in 2015, with its iOS version gaining marketplace functionality in 2016.

    Android users can now view marketplace listings from different search criteria (e.g. format, release, condition), as well as manage orders and inventory.

    In 2017, Discogs users conducted 35 million searches on the app via Android and iOS versions.

    Head here for more information on Discogs’ new mobile integrations.

    (Photo via Discogs.)

  • Discogs meets Match.com on Reverb’s new online vinyl marketplace

    By | December 13, 2017

    “Ensuring that the right buyers and sellers find each other”.

    Music gear marketplace Reverb.com has launched new online marketplace Reverb LP dedicated to buying and selling vinyl and other physical music.

    Read more: Do bootlegs matter? What Discogs’ new crackdown means for the site’s future

    Reverb launched four years ago, dedicated to the sale of new, used, rare and handmade instruments and equipment.

    Its new Reverb LP site will serve as a marketplace for vinyl and physical music, with items rated by an eight point condition scale ranging from Mint to Poor.

    According to the company, Reverb LP uses software similar to that of dating website Match.com, “ensuring that the right buyers and sellers find each other”.

    A 6% fee will be taken from any item sold on site. (By comparison, vinyl marketplace Discogs takes an 8% fee – with $0.10 minimum – of all items sold on site.)

    Reverb LP’s current selling guidelines state that illegal copies and counterfeits are prohibited from being sold on site. With Discogs’s recent crackdown on the sales of unofficial releases and bootlegs, it’s unknown whether Reverb LP will adopt a similarly strong stance.

    Head here for more info.

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