Discogs shares 100 most expensive records bought on site





And you thought that rare ambient 12″ you copped was pricey.

Discogs has announced the 100 most expensive records bought on its UK and US sites.

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Discogs tallied up sales from 2005 through the present. For the UK list, Discogs then converted the prices to US dollars using the exchange rates at the date of sale.

Some records make multiple appearances on the list for each sale.

In the UK, the Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen’ 7″ took both first and fourth place, thanks to sales of $16,125.18 in 2018 and $14,680.20 in 2017.

The Beatles records make 10 appearances on the list, with Pet Shop Boys and Bowie clocking in 5 appearances.

Notably absent from the UK list is Prince, who doesn’t appear at all, but tops the American list.

In the US, Prince records appear five times, with his Black Album claiming top spot thanks to a sale of $15,000 in 2016.

Head here to check out the UK list in full, and here for the US list.