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  • Leftfield pop outfit La Stampa return with second LP Bonjour Trieste

    By | November 15, 2018

    A nostalgic, pan-European missive for divided times.

    Six-part collective La Stampa will release their second album Bonjour Trieste via The Vinyl Factory later this month.

    With a name that nods to the professions of its members (La Stampa translates as ‘the press’ in Italian), La Stampa features musicians from across the European continent, who, in their own words “bring different pop signature styles, costumes, eras and choreographies into play: pictures and moves reminiscent of stagecraft.”

    Working with Hamburg producer Tobias Levin, they have crafted a multi-lingual 10-track album that draws from a plethora of European musical influences, from the old world of Chopin, to the brass of Socialist Yugoslavia and the frivolous hedonism of the continent’s idiosyncratic dance and punk music heritage.

    You can watch the video for lead single ‘Our Spirits (Are Getting Younger)’ above.

    A love letter to the complex, multicultural tapestry of European culture, and ironic riposte to rising nationalism, Bonjour Trieste is as pertinent as it is musically adventurous.

    Pre-order a copy here and check out the artwork below.

  • Lose yourself in the dance with Róisín Murphy’s new video for ‘The Rumble’

    By | November 13, 2018

    From the final instalment of her 4×12″ series with Maurice Fulton.

    Róisín Murphy has shared the next self-directed video to accompany her series of 12″s with house producer Maurice Fulton.

    Shot in one take, the video centres around choreographer and dancer Lindy Nsingo, as she loses herself in the pulsating euphoria of the track, from its brooding opening to the gospel organ exultations of the finale.

    As Murphy explains: “I was lucky enough to work with badass choreographer and dancer Lindy Nsingo across these video projects. Before this performance, I showed her a reference for the dancing, a clip from The New Dance Show, a late ’80s tv show from Detroit, the clip featured a woman who looked like Lindy – popping and head-banging to some incredible techno, we used it as the styling reference also, but I had no clue Lindy would take it to the extremes she did.

    “The performance blew the top off the room but still, I didn’t expect ‘The Rumble’ would be a one shot video until I watched the footage back. Her performance is like the track itself, it’s church, it’s spiritual, it’s possessed. This all happened at the end of a two day shoot and I’m only proud that I had created an environment in which it could happen, the rest of it is all down to Lindy.”

    ‘The Rumble’ follows Murphy’s videos for ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’, ‘Plaything’ and ‘All My Dreams’, released earlier this year.

    ‘The Rumble’ / ‘World’s Crazy’ is out now via The Vinyl Factory. Order a copy here.

  • Yussef Dayes and Alfa Mist’s ‘Love Is The Message’ released on vinyl

    By | November 2, 2018

    Recorded live in one take at Abbey Road Studios.

    Drummer Yussef Dayes and producer Alfa Mist’s stunning 11-minute track ‘Love Is The Message’ recorded live at Abbey Road earlier this year is to be released on blue vinyl via The Vinyl Factory next month.

    The recording features a super group of musicians spearheading the UK’s multi-faceted jazz scene including guitarist Mansur Brown and bassist Rocco Palladino. It was released digitally in August with a video by Joseph Dunn & Jake Whitehouse that evokes Stan Douglas’ tribute to Miles Davis’ On The Corner LP, Luanda-Kinshasa, shown at The Infinite Mix in 2016. It has since clocked almost 300,000 views on YouTube.

    As the former Yussef Kamaal member Yussef Dayes says, “To be able to record this live session in the legendary Abbey Road studios was a beautiful moment. Growing up in the big smoke, we’re used to recording in basements and bedroom studios, so to get the opportunity to elevate our sounds in this space was something we couldn’t turn down!”

    ‘Love Is The Message’ will be pressed on single-sided azure blue vinyl, with artwork by Barka, and is released on 10th December. Pre-order a copy here and check out the artwork below.

    Main photo by Adama Jalloh.

    Styling by Nicholas Daley.

  • Gappa G & HyperHypa ’90s jungle classic ‘Information Centre’ reissued for the first time

    By | October 25, 2018

    On limited 12″.

    Gappa G & HyperHypa’s seminal 1994 jungle track ‘Information Centre’ has been reissued for the first time, in a new special edition EP via VF sub-label Hymn.

    ‘Information Centre’ follows Eddie Peake’s White Cube exhibition Concrete Pitch, which saw Kool FM broadcasting live and direct from the gallery for the duration of the show.

    The two track 12″ features ‘Information Centre’ on the A-side, backed with Eastman and Susie G from pirate radio station Kool London (aka Kool FM) in conversation about legendary stories on the flip.

    Limited to 300 copies, ‘Information Centre’ also features inner sleeve photography from the station’s archives.

    Order a copy of the EP here, and check out a film about Concrete Pitch below.

  • Roísín Murphy unveils final 12” in Maurice Fulton-produced 4-part series

    By | October 19, 2018

    Hear the infectious dance floor stormers now.

    Roísín Murphy has announced her fourth collaborative 12” ‘The Rumble’ / ‘World’s Crazy’ produced by Maurice Fulton via The Vinyl Factory, out digitally today ahead of its 2nd November vinyl release.

    Read more: Róisín Murphy collaborates with house pioneer Maurice Fulton on new 4×12″ series

    “’The Rumble’ was written with Maurice and Mim,” shared Murphy. “Mim is amazing with infectious energy.”

    “I needed help as it’s a mammoth track, like two songs in one, the second half is a vamp in which Maurice instructed me to preach! Preaching was not a natural stance for me but he insisted I try, now I can’t stop testifying, the process has changed me a little.”

    Earlier this year, Róisín Murphy launched the series with ‘All My Dreams’ / ‘Innocence’ followed by ‘Plaything’ / ‘Like’ over the summer.

    Last month, she released ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’ / ‘Can’t Hang On’ with Ali Love lending vocal stylings to the boogie patrol.

    When asked about the series, Murphy explained: “Ultimately it’s about dancing. My kind of dancing: all low and funky, allowing itself to be a little out of control.

    “It’s all very simple in a way but Maurice has spent a lifetime immersed in music for dancing. His experience and depth of knowledge is undeniable. I did as I was told!”

    Pre-order a copy of ‘The Rumble’ / ‘World’s Crazy’ here and check out the artwork created by Braulio Amado below.

  • African Acid Is The Future releasing new Ambiance I EP on 2×12″

    By | October 12, 2018

    Featuring Kenyan singer Ogoya Nengo and “the queen of mbira” Stella Chiweshe.

    Berlin-collective African Acid Is The Future has released the first EP in its new 3-part series in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, on 2×12″.

    Read more: African Acid Is The Future launches new label

    The first 12″ of Ambiance I, features Kenyan singer Ogoya Nengo and “the queen of mbira” Stella Chiweshe each performing two tracks. Its second 12″ includes remixes of those recordings by AAITF members Dauwd and Wolfonacid.

    Ambiance I 2×12″ comes with artwork designed by Vava Dudu, and an African Acid Is The Future booklet.

    Order a copy of Ambiance I here, listen to the EP above, check out the track list and cover art below.


    Side A

    A1: Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women- Dala Ma Siaya (Living Room Session)
    A2. Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women- Okana Tali (Living Room Session)

    Side B

    B1. Stella Chiweshe- Bird Song (Live im Funkhaus)
    B2. Stella Chiweshe- Inner Voice (Live im Funkhaus)

    Side C

    C1. Stella Chiweshe- Bird Song (Dauwd Wired Re-Bird)
    C3. Stella Chiweshe- Bird Song (Wolfonacid Tribe’s Remix)

    Side D

    D1. Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women- Dala Ma Siaya (Wolfonacid Spring Remix)

  • Michèle Lamy, Nico Vascellari and Scarlett Rouge on their new LAVASCAR album

    By | October 11, 2018

    One of the fashion world’s great provocateurs, Michèle Lamy has embarked on releasing a second album with artist and musician Nico Vascellari and daughter Scarlett Rouge. Touching on spoken word, electronics and an innate sense of drama, Garden Of Memory flourishes from the trio’s intuitive approach to song-writing and performance. They tell us how it’s done.

    It’s late June, and Michèle Lamy is smoking in a shaded area at the back of the Strongroom studio garden in Shoreditch. Her ink-dipped fingers hang heavy with jewellery, which clinks as she moves her hands. She’s joined by musician and artist Nico Vascellari, and her daughter, the artist Scarlett Rouge, who lend the VA and SCAR to the trio’s name to discuss their second album Garden Of Memory. We catch them in mid-flow and the ideas are fizzing between them.

    LAVASCAR was born in Paris in 2017 and the release of debut album A Dream Deferred, inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem Montage of a Dream Deferred, and just the latest manifestation of her love for his writing. In an interview with Dazed in 2013, Lamy recounted how it was Hughes’ King Kong Blues – “written on a napkin in a St Germain club” – that encouraged her to be a raconteuse, among other things.

    Now, stretching her vocal chords once more, Lamy has turned her attention to 93-year old Lebanese-American poet, journalist and artist Etel Adnan. As she leafs through a collection of her writing, Lamy explains that using the words of others helps transmit something of their character, meaning and action into the work. As Vascellari elaborates: “I think it’s somehow nice that we have this universe of words that we can choose from and somehow recreate something that we can all feel somehow comfortable with. And the words are used in the tracks to suggest certain topics and emotions.”

    It’s a connection which also made sense for Scarlett Rouge. “She [Adnan] wrote political poetry, she is a journalist, she is lots of things, so that’s why I think when Michèle discovered her there was an immediate ‘this is now what needs to be said.'”

    “I like poetry,” Lamy adds. “I don’t like when a sentence tells you everything. I like suggestion.” It’s a sentiment which has drawn Lamy to hip-hop in the past and which now informs this new record. There is a sense of unfolding meaning which pervades Garden Of Memory. Unlike A Dream Deferred, which Vascellari famously described as “an evocation of Michèle Lamy sitting in a cave, surrounded by wild beasts ready to devour her,” Garden of Memory has loftier concerns. “So far it seems like we are more in the cosmos… We are coming out of the hole!” Lamy explains.

    Sonically, this translates as a record which revels in the tension between industrial and organic – Lamy’s oratory, both fragile and assertive – often in counterpoint to that of her daughter – set above ambient soundscapes, and pulsating EBM-inspired electronics.

    “With the first album what we wanted to do was create something very primitive, and archaic and somehow spiritual or even somehow religious, even if it’s not that defined religion,” describes Vascellari. “But the beats were an important part – that came from a primitive and instinctual way of approaching music, because at the end of the day none of us are truly musicians.”

    Having such a mixed bag of creative experiences excites Lamy. While neither she nor Scarlett would call themselves musicians with a capital M, both have lived lives surrounded by it. From the age of five, Scarlett was on singing on stage with Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, while Lamy has collaborated with everyone from Joni Mitchell and James Lavelle to Mos Def, FKA Twigs and A$AP Rocky.

    It goes without saying, that teasing the primitive from each other was not a problem. As Scarlett exclaims: “We are primitive, that’s the point! We haven’t a really joined the technological age yet, we’re trying to bring you back, we’re using digital music to help people remember their roots and the heartbeat that started music in the beginning.”

    As with A Dream Deferred, there will be a visual aspect to Garden Of Memory, that will further help explore the multi-disciplinary nature of the work and is intricately entwined with the theatre of the music itself. Such is the nature of the project that even Lamy was surprised at how it turned out. “For me, I was seduced by a new sound, because it’s not what I listen to or what I thought I would do. For the first album, I thought I would be doing something more like sampling, hip-hop or techno, which that I do listen to.”

    Garden Of Memory may have other reference points, but as the trio head back to the studio, it becomes clear that, like the name of the band, their’s is a sound inextricable from their personal experiences. What emerges is something unexpected, primal, truly collaborative. For Lamy, that means “going from seduction to seduction, and thinking this was just right.” Musicians they may not be, but you can’t get more intuitive than that.

    Garden of Memory is out now on The Vinyl Factory.

  • Rodney Graham releases new 12″ ‘Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty’ on limited pink vinyl

    By | October 10, 2018

    In tandem with his London exhibition Central Questions of Philosophy.

    Artist and musician Rodney Graham has collaborated with his brother Dan on a new, limited baby pink 12″ ‘Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty’, out now via The Vinyl Factory.

    It features the title track on the A-side b/w ’14 or Fight’ on the reverse.

    The two track record is released alongside his new exhibition at Lisson Gallery called Central Questions of Philosophy.

    Running through 3rd November, the show presents Graham’s new series of light boxes, including his largest light box – a four panel work loosely based on a photograph of Samuel Kootz in a 1940s gallery set.

    ‘Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty’ follows Graham’s 2017 lyrical rock and roll album Gondoliers, as well as the Neil Young and Lou Reed-channeling 2016 LP Good Hand Bad Hand, also released via The Vinyl Factory.

    Order a copy of the 12″ here and check out a selection of works featured in Central Questions of Philosophy below.

  • The soundtrack to Pipilotti Rist’s kaleidoscopic 4th Floor to Mildness released on limited clear vinyl

    By | October 9, 2018

    Sublime aquatic dreamscapes as seen in Strange Days.

    Soap&Skin’s original score to Pipilotti Rist’s film installation 4th Floor to Mildness has been released on limited clear 12″ by The Vinyl Factory.

    Read more: 7 key works for music lovers at Strange Days: Memories of the Future

    4th Floor to Mildness is part of Strange Days: Memories of the Future, an new exhibition showcasing the work of 21 video artists and filmmakers – presented by New York’s New Museum and The Store X in partnership with The Vinyl Factory, at The Store X, 180 The Strand.

    In the installation, Rist’s film is projected onto two amorphously shaped screens, which hang suspended from the ceiling. Beds scattered around the emerald-hued space allow viewers to take in the work whilst lying alongside one another.

    Its music was created by Soap&Skin, the experimental project of Austrian artist Anja Plaschg, and is separated into two tracks – ‘Sleep’ and ‘Spiracle’.

    Speaking about the work, Rist explains: “today, with computers, TVs, and mobile phones, everything is flat and put behind glass – our feelings, histories, longings.

    “We’re all separated from each other, for the human being that we are in contact with is always behind glass… but with art, we can jump out of our loneliness.”

    4th Floor to Mildness follows Rist’s 2005 digital fresco Homo Sapiens Sapiens, where she filled an entire ceiling of an 18th century church in Venice, Italy with projected images.

    Order a copy of ‘Sleep’ / ‘Spiracle’ here and check out 4th Floor to Mildness as part of Strange Days: Memories of the Future until 9th December 2018.

  • Fashion provocateur Michèle Lamy heads for the cosmos on new LAVASCAR album

    By | October 4, 2018

    Garden of Memory draws on industrial and organic influences.

    LAVASCAR is a sound and music project by fashion icon and provocateur Michèle Lamy, multi-disciplinary artist Nico Vascellari and Lamy’s daughter – artist Scarlett Rouge.

    Following the release of their debut album A Dream Deferred in 2017, which was inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem Montage Of A Dream Deferred, the trio have announced a new album called Garden Of Memory.

    Drawing on the work of Lebanese-American poet, journalist and artist Etel Adnan, Garden Of Memory explores the tension between the organic and industrial, layering both Rouge and Lamy’s idiosyncratic delivery over Vascellari’s ambient and EBM-influenced electronics.

    After Vascellari described the debut LP as “an evocation of Michèle Lamy sitting in a cave, surrounded by wild beasts ready to devour her”, Lamy says the new record has loftier concerns: “So far it seems like we are more in the cosmos… We are coming out of the hole!”

    Lamy continues: “I like poetry, I don’t like when there is sentence that tells you everything, I like suggestion.” It was for this reason that Lamy was drawn to the 93-year-old Adnan – “a woman explaining what’s going on in life. We can say everything is political, this is especially important.”

    It’s a sentiment that Scarlett Rouge echoes: “She wrote political poetry, and she is a journalist, so that’s why I think when Michèle discovered her there was an immediate sense that this is now what needs to be felt and said.”

    LAVASCAR’s Garden of Memory is out now digitally and on vinyl via The Vinyl Factory. Click here to order a copy and see the artwork in more detail below.

  • Ragnar Kjartansson’s The Visitors soundtrack repressed on vinyl

    By | October 4, 2018

    The sold-out 5-panel vinyl edition is back by popular demand.

    The soundtrack to Ragnar Kjartansson’s spell-binding 9-channel video installation The Visitors is being repressed on vinyl for the first time, via The Vinyl Factory and Bel Air Glamour records.

    Originally released to coincide with the London premiere of the work at Brewer Street Car Park in 2015, the repress now accompanies the inclusion of Kjartansson’s 6-hour marathon video work with The National in new The Store X show Strange Days.

    The vinyl edition opens out into a five-sided cube to reflect the nature of the multi-screen of the installation. The music, described by Kjartansson as “a feminine nihilistic gospel song”, was composed and performed by Ragnar and his All Star Band in various rooms of the almost two-hundred-year-old Rokeby villa on the picturesque Hudson River in New York State.

    The sleeve showcases the photographic stills of the band in situ at Rokeby, and including liner notes by Canadian poet Anne Carson.

    Click here to order a copy, and check out the artwork in more detail below.

  • Watch Roisin Murphy’s new kaleidoscopic dance video for ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’

    By | October 3, 2018

    “We’ve left the club and entered the drug.”

    Part three of Róisin Murphy’s 4×12″ series with Maurice Fulton, ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’ / ‘Can’t Hang On’ has dropped on vinyl. To celebrate its release the multi-faceted artist has shared a trippy freeze frame video she directed for ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’.

    “This time a larger leap of imagination was required as we were shooting against a simple green screen, effectively removing the rave and concentrating solely on the ravers,” shares Murphy.

    “The green screen enabled me to manipulate and collage the footage, the phrase “we’ve left the club and entered the drug” has been a kind of guiding principal. We have gone into the trip.”

    “I believe there would have been no other way to capture and to put on screen the ecstasy and naivety that makes for an authentic club experience.”

    ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’ / ‘Can’t Hang On’ is out now digitally on streaming platforms, and on vinyl here.

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