Ben Frost releases first studio album in five years, Broken Spectre





Broken Spectre is the score for the critically acclaimed exhibition by photographer Richard Mosse.

Ben Frost has released Broken Spectre, a twelve-track score for Richard Mosse’s exhibition of the same name, via The Vinyl Factory.

Based on field recordings of the Brazilian Amazon’s ultrasonics, Broken Spectre results from a project which saw Frost and Mosse team up to document the Amazon’s environmental breakdown using scientific imaging technology and sound recording devices between 2018 and 2022.

Recorded on location in the heart of the Amazon Basin, the score is made up of environmental recordings and complex electronic processes, caught using an ultrasonic recording system and 1/4″ analogue tape to capture ultra-high frequency sounds that are usually completely invisible.

The double LP, pressed at The Vinyl Factory in Hayes, is accompanied by Richard Mosse’s photography from the project and artwork by Loose Joints. A limited edition version is also available, numbered and signed by both Frost and Mosse.

Side A:
1. Report from an Obscure Planet
2. The Index
3. Love in a Colder Climate

Side B:
4. The Burning World
5. Passport to Eternity
6. The Intensive Care Unit

Side C:
7. The Garden of Time
8. Cry Hope, Cry Fury
9. The Killing Ground

Side D:
10. Low Flying Aircraft
11. A Guide to Virtual Death
12. The Crystal World