The 10 most collectable records of 2014





9. Keaton Henson

Romantic Works

(The Vinyl Factory)

An example of how a dedicated core fan-base can drive up the demand for a record more than a larger more disparate following will. We released the first vinyl edition of folk-turned-classical pianist Keaton Henson’s mp3-only Romantic Works earlier this year in an edition of 600 copies, priced at £25 each with 6×100 different signed art prints thrown in. In terms of the bigger picture, Keaton’s reach is limited, but among those who follow him on social media there existed enough demand to leave re-sellers on Discogs confident of getting anywhere between £100 and £225 for the record. One of our own releases, we’ve included this as just one example of a similar phenomenon – see Sun Kil Moon’s acclaimed LP Benji also released this year – where the quality of the music on offer drives demand beyond supply and contributes to the overall collectibility of a release.