The 10 most collectable records of 2014





7. Radkey

Romance Dawn

(Little Man Records)

Being asked to curate the Southbank’s Meltdown festival is rapidly becoming akin to a music and arts industry knighthood, so it’s no surprise James Lavelle grasped his opportunity to curate a program that showcased emerging as well as established acts born in his image. One of those was Radkey, a brotherly punk trio from Missouri who Lavelle remixed as UNKLE on a limited 10” release of just 100 copies that were only available at Meltdown and the band’s subsequent gigs. But Romance Dawn is as much blessed by association as its scarce distribution, with Mo’Wax / Lavelle completists desperate for UNKLE’s first remix in four years and a Ben Drury co-design credit pushing the single up to around £100. But bthen again it could just be that, as Lavelle says… “This band have endless energy and excitement and you can’t buy that shit!”