The 10 most collectable records of 2014




light sounds dark2

6. Various Artists


(Light Sounds Dark)

No matter how long you stare at WYWH, the only information about the 24 tracks on this uncompromising compilation will be written on the perplexed expression staring right back at you from its mirror sleeve. Information surrounding this clandestine triple vinyl is just as oblique, surfacing for long enough to give the impression that this collection of super rare records from across the kosmische, post-punk, new wave spectrum might well be the compilation of the year. Now, we don’t make a habit of covering bootlegs and this is the only unofficial release to make any of this year’s lists, but it’s for that reason that WYWH is interesting.

There’s no tracklist, there are no artists, there are no dates, and there certainly isn’t any explanation as to why this triple vinyl is pressed onto two clear and one black record. Yet, WYWH has sold for £80 on Discogs, with further copies available for upwards of £130, suggesting that it’s the quality and hen’s teeth rarity of these tracks which has meant that a record with absolutely no context or reference point (other than the reputation of their selectors) can command such value on the second hand market. If you’re holding one of these in your hands right now, then there’s bound to be a pretty smug bugger grinning back.