The 10 most collectable records of 2014





2. Aphex Twin

Syro (Limited Edition)

(Warp Records)

Endlessly discussed and highly sought-after, in part because it was the first Aphex album in 13 years, but also because of the price tag, the packaging and the exclusivity surrounding it. A limited Syro would have initially set you back $400/ £250/ €310, making it the most expensive record in this list based on retail price (ignoring that anomalous Wu record) and remarkably that figure exceeds most of the other records’ current secondary market price. But even if you had been willing to fork out the cash for this, you were probably left disappointed – only 200 lucky ballot winners were actually given the opportunity to buy a copy.

As we reported earlier in the year, a quick survey of Discogs one month on showed that many of those ballot winners were trying to flip their copy for several times the original fee paid. Interestingly the majority of sellers were (and still are) brand new to selling on Discogs. Three months later, the situation’s not too dissimilar in terms of price (as expected it’s climbed a bit), but what has changed is that many of the Aphex fans who had bad ballot luck have caved – plenty of copies have now traded hands on both Discogs and eBay markets. So far £625 is the top dollar paid on Discogs while several eBay sales have commanded figures around the £800 mark.

Without doubt one of the most desirable items this year and certainly the most valuable (again putting the Wu to one side) in monetary terms, it won’t be long before Syro joins the ranks of the rarities that sell for four figures in GBP (have a look at the most expensive H1 2014 records on Discogs for 10 of these).