• Julia Holter to release new album Aviary as deluxe clear vinyl edition

    By | September 6, 2018

    “The cacophony of the mind in a melting world.”

    Vocalist and composer Julia Holter has announced the release of her new album Aviary via Domino Recordings this October.

    Described as the follow-up to her 2015 release Have You in My Wilderness, and the LA-based musician’s “most breathtakingly expansive album yet”, Aviary uses a line from a short story by Etel Adnan as its starting point: “I found myself in an aviary full of shrieking birds.”

    As Holter says: “Amidst all the internal and external babble we experience daily, it’s hard to find one’s foundation. I think this album is reflecting that feeling of cacophony and how one responds to it as a person – how one behaves, how one looks for love, for solace. Maybe it’s a matter of listening to and gathering the seeming madness, of forming something out of it and envisioning a future.”

    Listen to the first track, ‘I Shall Love 2’, below.

    The 15-track album also features an array of collaborators and instrumentalists, erring between her theatrical vocals and the what is described as Blade Runner-inspired synth work of Tashi Wada, who recently announced an album with his father on RVNG Intl.

    Julia Holter’s Aviary will be released on 26th October as a signed, deluxe clear vinyl edition. Pre-order a copy here and check out the artwork and tracklist below:


    SIDE A

    01. Turn the Light On
    02. Whether
    03. Chaitius
    04. Voce Simul

    SIDE B

    05. Everyday Is an Emergency
    06. Another Dream
    07. I Shall Love 2

    SIDE C

    08. Underneath the Moon
    09. Colligere
    10. In Gardens’ Muteness
    11. I Would Rather See

    SIDE D

    12. Les Jeux to You
    13. Words I Heard
    14. I Shall Love 1
    15. Why Sad Song

    Photo: Dicky Bahto

  • Composer Tashi Wada collaborates with father Yoshi on Nue LP for RVNG Intl.

    By | July 11, 2018

    “My desire was to create something both old and new sounding — ancient and futuristic…”

    RVNG Intl. has announced the 14th instalment of its FRKWYS series, an album by Tashi and Yoshi Wada called Nue, which will be released this September.

    “The guiding concept behind [FRKWYS] is to bring contemporary electronic artists together with their creative fore-bearers of sorts and allow them to collaborate as inspired,” explained RVNG Intl. founder Matt Werth to FACT.

    Though Tashi and Yoshi – an early member of interdisciplinary art movement Fluxus – frequently perform together, the album marks one of the few occasions they have recorded music in a studio setting.

    Nue is a vision, an endless night of dreams, and a personal history of sorts, full of joys and demons,” shares Tashi.

    The album also features composer Julia Holter, producer Cole MGN, and percussionist Corey Fogel.

    Previously FRKWYS releases include Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani’s Sunenergy, and Blues Control & Laraaji’s Volume 8.

    Pre-order a copy of Nue here ahead of its 24th September release, watch the vide for ‘Fanfare’ and check out the track list below.


    Side A

    A1. Aubade
    A2. Ground
    A3. Litany
    A4. Ondine
    A5. Niagara

    Side B

    B1. Double Body
    B2. Bottom of The Sky
    B3. Mutable Signs
    B4. Fanfare
    B5. Moments of Exile (Coda)

  • Julia Holter covers Depeche Mode for new 7” single

    By | July 27, 2017

    Including a live and synth version, in memory of Travis Peterson.

    Domino Records is releasing a 7” double a-side charity single, featuring two covers of the 1993 Depeche Mode track ‘Condemnation’.

    Read more: Razormaid! The 10 best reworks from the remix service that shaped modern dance music

    Created in collaboration with Ramona Gonzalez, Cole M.G.N and Nedelle Torrisi, the single is produced in memory of music video director Travis Peterson, who passed away in December 2016.

    All proceeds will be donated to  Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, a Los Angeles-based non-profit dedicated to providing mental health and substance abuse services in underserved communities.

    Pre-order a copy here.

  • Julia Holter to release live studio album In The Same Room on limited vinyl

    By | December 16, 2016

    Release launches Domino’s new series Documents.

    Julia Holter will release a new live studio album In The Same Room via Domino Recording Company. Named after a song from her 2012 album Ekstasis, the recording spans the breadth of Holter’s catalogue, and was recorded in just two days at RAK studios.

    You can listen to a new version of ‘So Lillies’, originally released on 2011’s Tragedy, below:

    The record sets the blueprint for Domino’s new occasional series Documents, which aims to capture the live arrangements of their artists in high fidelity. As the label states, the series takes its cue from classic BBC Sessions of years gone by.

    Released on 31st March 2017, Julia Holter’s In The Same Room will get a limited 2LP coloured vinyl release that will include two Polaroid photos taken during the recording session. Click here to pre-order your copy.



    1. Horns Surrounding Me (Live at RAK)
    2. So Lillies (Live at RAK)
    3. Silhouette (Live at RAK)
    4. How Long (Live at RAK)
    5. Feel You (Live at RAK)
    6. Lucette Stranded on the Island (Live at RAK)
    7. In The Green Wild (Live at RAK)
    8. City Appearing (Live at RAK)
    9. Vasquez (Live at RAK)
    10. Betsy on the Roof (Live at RAK)
    11. Sea Calls Me Home (Live at RAK)

  • Record Store Day rundown: Rough Trade NYC pick their top 5 special releases

    By | April 18, 2014


    Gearing up for their first ever Record Store Day, New York’s newest outlet and state-side bastion for the resurgent Rough Trade complete our Record Store Day rundown with five of the best from the Big Apple’s perspective. They’re so excited they’ve even opened an exhibition to accompany one of their choices. No prizes for guessing which it is…


    LCD Sound System
    The Long Goodbye
    (DFA Records)

    We are really looking forward to the LCD Soundsystem “Long Goodbye” LP box so much so we are having an entire, insane in-store exhibition built around its release!

    Listen HERE.


    Donny Hathaway
    Live At The Bitter End

    And there is an amazing live release from one of the greatest singers to ever walk the planet : Donny Hathaway ‘live at the bitter end 1971’ only previously available in the cd box set,now on LP. Vinyl is the ideal way to hear Donny ,and this thing is completely, transcendently beautiful…

    Listen HERE.

    fear of men

    Fear of Men
    (Kanine Records)

    Deluxe vinyl edition : we just freakin’ love this band!

    Listen HERE.

    julia holter

    Julia Holter
    ‘Don’t Make Me Over / Hello Stranger’

    Julia doing her Julia thing on this 1962 Bacharach & David & Dionne Warwick stone cold classic? Yes please.

    Listen HERE.

    journey on

    Journey On – Collected Singles
    (Secretly Canadian)

    Cloth bound. Foil stamped. Clamshell boxed. Featuring a turntable adaptor w/the Songs:Ohia logo… and most importantly 18 tracks of the late Jason Molina’s genius.

    Listen HERE.

  • Record Store Day rundown: Bristol’s Rise Records pick their top 5 special releases

    By | April 17, 2014


    Hot on the heels of an unexpected top 6 from Sounds Of the Universe, Bristol’s ‘proudly independent’ Rise Records has channeled the classic indie store feel into a trio of outlets feted for their peerless recommendations and legendary in-stores. Director and co-owner Lawrence Montgomery takes you through their top 5 Record Store Day releases.

    julia holter

    Julia Holter
    ‘Don’t Make Me Over / Hello Stranger’

    Julia was number 2 in our albums of 2014 (narrowly pipped to the post by Factory Floor) and she played a spell binding set at our place in November. ‘Hello Stranger’ is a haunting & poignant reworking of a Barbara Lewis track and is backed with brand new, full band recording of ‘Don’t Make Me Over’ – a song originally performed by Dionne Warwick & written by Bacharach & David.

    Listen HERE.


    LCD Soundsystem
    ‘The Long Goodbye’
    (DFA Records)

    One of my personal highlights at Rise was when we showed the full farewell concert downstairs in our Bristol store. This is the 5 LP boxed set release of the music from that recording. As a massive LCD fan this is quite pricey but I just have to have it!

    Listen HERE.

    life without buildings

    Life Without Buildings
    ‘Any Other City’
    (What’s Your Rupture / Rough Trade)

    I remember buying the Rough Trade Shops Post Punk comp which got me into the genre as a teen – ‘The Leanover’ by Life Without Buildings ended up on repeat and it is only now that their only sole length is being reissued with bonus 7″ since its release in 2001.

    Listen HERE.


    William Onyeabor
    (Luaka Bop)

    Onyeabor is a legend in our shop. The first play of Luaka Bop issued compilation, ‘Who Is William Onyeabor’ on the shop floor sparked dancing of joy. The performance of his music from a band featuring Money Mark, Ghostpoet & Alexis Taylor at Bristol’s Colston Hall featured even more dancing. And now a remix double 12’’ for RSD featuring reworks from Optimo, Hot Chip & Daphni. MORE DANCING.

    Listen HERE.

    howlong owl

    Howling Owl RSD label Compilation
    (Howling Owl)

    For the third year running Bristol based noise mongers, Howling Owl are releasing a 12″ compilation featuring four acts. Skewed slightly from their normal guitar end of the noise spectrum, featuring REI (Vessel), OLO Worms, Taos Humm and Giant Swan this is another unique DIY offering fusing the music with unique artwork and bleak prose. And to top it all the guys are hosting the official RSD after show party on the night in an old court room with patten, Young Male, Giant Swan plus more.

    Listen HERE.

  • Domino reissue Julia Holter’s critically acclaimed 2011 debut Tragedy

    By | May 13, 2013

    After a painfully short run of 2×500 copies the first time round, the highly coveted debut album by Julia Holter is to be reissued on vinyl by Domino Recordings.

    Originally put out on Leaving records, Holter’s etheral cinematic soundscapes and folk-cum-psychedelic pop was widely acclaimed when it was released in 2011, topping independent music retailer Boomkat’s best of the year list in the process.

    Ambitious, lush and deeply moving, the reissue of Tragedy on vinyl follows the success of her second LP on RVNG Int. Ekstasis last year and will be pressed in ubiquitous rerun quality of 180-gram vinyl. You can pre-order a copy here.

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