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* New Soulwax studio album, recorded live
* 11 new recordings pressed on two clear heavyweight records
* Gloss UV gatefold sleeve with exclusive artwork
* Two gloss UV inner sleeves
* Limited to 500 copies worldwide

Soulwax’s new album was recorded in one take at their Deewee studios in Ghent on 7 February this year after a period of extensive rehearsals and then edited, mixed and expanded upon the following week.

“Based on the ‘Transient Program For Drums and Machinery’ which began touring in the summer of 2016, we set out to record these songs live with the exact same setup, machines and musicians as we had on the road”, say Stephen and David Dewaele of the recording process.

Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side A
A1. Preset Tense
A2. Masterplanned
A3. Missing Wires
A4. Conditions Of A Shared Belief

Side B
B1. Is It Always Binary
B2. Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?
B3. My Tired Eyes
B4. Transient Program For Drums And Machinery

Side C
C1. Trespassers
C2. The Singer Has Become A Deejay
C3. Here Comes The Men In Suits

Side D
D1. Goodnight Transmission

Release date: 24 March 2017.