Ryoji Ikeda explores the frequencies of noise on new album, technicolors

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A kaleidoscope of sonic compositions, created in tandem with his forthcoming London show at 180 The Strand.

Ryoji Ikeda is releasing a new vinyl-only album, called technicolors, via The Vinyl Factory this May.

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Across its 10-compositions, Ikeda explores the frequencies of: white noise, black noise, red noise, yellow noise, green noise, blue noise, violet noise, pink noise, and grey noise.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album Ikeda shares: “In classical information theory, it’s said that to verify a signal we definitely need noise. It’s a very complementary relationship. That kind of concept is really interesting to me. Humans love to organise things so we often hate randomness. To me though, randomness is a hint of the richness of our lives. It’s not something to be thrown away.”

technicolors is released in tandem with RYOJI IKEDA – the largest survey of the artist’s work in Europe to date, staged at 180 The Strand and presented by The Vinyl Factory and Fact, in collaboration with Audemar Piguet Contemporary.

RYOJI IKEDA invites viewers to immerse themselves in Ikeda’s dynamic digital universe. A subterranean exploration of sound and light, the show takes viewers on a sensory journey through 180 Studios’ labyrinthine spaces.

The 12 artworks include the world premiere of Ikeda’s data-verse trilogy – a towering, triple-screen immersive project commissioned by Audemars Piguet Contemporary, and a site-specific, synapse-splitting new iteration of test pattern.

technicolors follows his albums Music For Percussion, Code Name: A-Z, and The Solar System.

Pre-order technicolors here in advance of its 20th May release.