Firehouse: Kim Ann Foxman picks her top 15 records




kim ann

To celebrate Firehouse 001, which drops on Monday, we asked Kim Ann to share 15 records that have influenced her.

Inspired by her Brooklyn residence, DJ, producer and ex-Hercules and Love Affair vocalist Kim Ann Foxman has launched Firehouse, her own label in association with The Vinyl Factory.

The label will be inaugurated with Firehouse 001, a fiery two track EP that will be released on Monday 24th November. The record pairs the hypnotic vocal house tune ‘It’s All About You’ with B-Side ‘Steal My Secrets’.

Have a listen to side A below:

We asked Kim Ann to share some of the records that have inspired her sound. Listen to the playlist below to hear all 15 tracks in one go and check out the records individually on the pages that follow.

In her words, the selection “is a mixed bag. It contains some of my inspirations, mostly from the ’80s and ’90s, that have influenced my sound. Some may be well known hits that have shaped me as a kid, while others are a bit more underground. All of them have had an impact on me.”