Second-Hand Reading (Art Edition)

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William Kentridge & Neo Muyanga

Second-Hand Reading (Art Edition)


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* Soundtrack to William Kentridge’s film
* Each edition contains a unique original drawing by the artist
* Music by Neo Muyanga
* Sleeve artwork by William Kentridge
* Pressed on 180-gram white vinyl
* Hand signed by the artist
* Limited edition of 50

Second-Hand Reading is composed of hundreds of drawings superimposed on pages from the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and other lexicons and encyclopaedias. Like figures on a stage, drawings of the artist, scenes from nature, geometric shapes and phrases dance to music by Neo Muyanga across a backdrop of definitions and classifications. These rational sequences of words are counterpoised with the intuitive and the imaginary.

William Kentridge is one of South Africa’s pre-eminent artists; globally acclaimed for his drawings, films, lecture performances and opera and theatre productions. His work draws on varied sources, including philosophy, literature and early cinema to create intricate art works and spellbinding environments

William Kentridge (b. 1955, Johannesburg) grew up in South Africa witnessing the end of apartheid, and South African society and politics are recurring themes which appear throughout his body of work. Kentridge’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world since the 1990s, including Documenta in Kassel, Germany (1997, 2003, 2012), Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy (1993, 1999, 2003, 2015), the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1998, 2010), the Musée du Louvre in Paris (2010) and Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin (2016).