Watch a new film on the role of technology in electronic music



 How contemporary artists are creating new sounds and utopian spaces.

Sonic Futures: How Technology is Guiding Electronic Music is a new mini-documentary, produced by , FACT Magazine, in association with the British Council, exploring technological innovation in electronic music.

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Speaking to Lee Gamble, Venus Ex Machina, queer club collective Tremors, and more, the new film looks back to the Radiophonic Workshop, explores the relationship between technological advancement and electronic music, and questions whether we should be afraid of AI.

In 1958 the BBC formed the Radiophonic Workshop to create original music and sound effects for radio and, later, television.

With artists like Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire and Dick Mills exploring new methods of electronic music-making, the influence of the Radiophonic Workshop can still be felt today.

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