Yamaha unveils new audiophile turntable and hi-fi range





A high-end home set-up.

Japanese electronics company Yamaha has revealed the details of its new 5000 series, released this October and early 2020.

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Building on the success of the 1000 and 2000 series from the ’70s and ’80s, Yamaha’s new 5000 series comprises of the NS-5000 speaker, C-5000 pre-amp, M-5000 amplifier, and GT-5000 turntable.

The GT-5000 turntable features a carbon fiber and copper-plated aluminium tonearm, and a custom belt-drive system.

Both the The C-5000 pre-amp and M-5000 amp are copper-plated and have been designed to reduce unwanted vibrations.

Drawing on the legacy of Yamah’s NS-1000 speaker, the new three-way bookshelf speaker boasts improved sound quality and reduced interference through its newly developed Acoustic Absorber.

The amp and pre-amp are available now, while the speakers will be released end of October, with the turntable to follow in 2020.

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