Rhythm Section releasing Cousin Kula’s debut album, Double Dinners





“Psychedelic soul” meets jazz.

Bristol based band Cousin Kula are releasing their debut album — Double Dinners — via Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section label this November.

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Across the album’s nine tracks the band combines “hushed synth-led movements” with soul, jazz, and warm vocals.

Speaking on new tune ‘Now That You’re Gone’, band member Will Wells shares: “This one started life deep into lockdown … I guess the tune’s simplicity is, in some way, a reflection of the slower pace of life we’d gotten used to.”

Double Dinners follows the label’s release of Vels Trio’s debut album, Celestial Greens, in October.

Pre-order Double Dinners here in advance of its 26th November release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. BabyBack
2. Now That You’re Gone
3. McLovin You
4. Liquid Love
5. Something So Sweet
6. McWindy’s Home Improvements
7. Morning Dew With You
8. Are We Ever Gonna Work It Out
9. It’s All In Your Head

Photo by: Alfred Thirolle