N*E*R*D*’s In Search Of… reissued on 4xLP



With the original 2001 ‘electronic version’ alongside the 2002 ‘rock version’, plus 7 additional tracks.

N*E*R*D* are reissuing their In Search Of… album on 4xLP, this October via Urban Legends/UMe/Virgin.

The first edition, an ‘electronic version’ features an intro track plus three skits in addition to its 12-tracks.

The second edition, a ‘rock version’, features the 12-tracks in a different order.

In Search Of… 4xLP box set includes a 24-page booklet, and 7 additional tracks with a previously unreleased Trent Reznor remix of ‘Lapdance’.

Head here for more info in advance of its 25th October release date and check out the tracklist below.

LP 1

1. Side A
2. Lapdance
3. Things Are Getting Better
4. Brain

LP 2

1. Side C
2. Run To The Sun
3. Baby Doll
4. Am I High
LP 3 (Euro Version)

1. Side E
2. Lapdance
3. Intro
4. Things Are Getting Better
5. Brain
LP 4 (Euro version)

1. Side G
2. Stay Together
3. Baby Doll
4. Tape You

1. Provider
2. Truth Or Dare
3. Tape You

1. Rock Star
2. Bobby James
3. Stay Together

1. Provider
2. Truth Or Dare
3. Run To The Sun

1. Am I High
2. Rock Star – Poser
3. Bobby James