A guide to turntable weights, clamps & stabilisers

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Everything you need to know to keep your records stable.

In the quest for pristine sound, audiophiles face a battle against unwanted vibrations and distortions. Among the arsenal of tools available to combat these issues, record weights and clamps emerge as popular choices, each with distinct features catering to different needs, especially on belt-driven turntables and DJ setups.

A record weight, resembling a puck, enhances turntable performance and preserves the quality of vinyl collections. By resting on the spindle during playback, it enhances contact between the record and platter, reducing slippage, damping vibrations, and stabilising speed. This added mass diminishes unwanted vibrations, akin to stabilizing a shaky washing machine, resulting in cleaner playback and minimized distortion. It also proves particularly useful for slightly warped records, providing temporary levelling and optimising stylus tracking without flattening severe warps, while also promoting more consistent speed and reducing wow and flutter.

On the other hand, record clamps offer a lighter alternative with adjustable pressure, suitable for turntables that cannot handle the weight of a record weight, such as belt-driven turntables. However, they lack the vibration-reducing benefits and speed stabilisation of their heavier counterparts.

For DJs, both record weights and clamps offer advantages, because direct-drive turntables can handle the extra weight from turntable weights.  Record weights facilitate effortless scratching, juggling, and cueing of lighter records, providing DJs with unparalleled control over their mixes, and stabilisation from bass-rocking speakers. 

Ultimately, the choice between record weights and clamps depends on individual circumstances and equipment capabilities. While neither can miraculously restore heavily damaged records, both significantly improve audio quality by minimising resonance and vibrations, stabilizing speed, and reducing distortion, ensuring an enhanced listening experience for audiophiles and DJs alike.

Line Phono Dubby Record Clamp & Disc Stabilizer

Price: $25.00 (Ships from US)

Pros: Dual-purpose design functions as both a record weight stabiliser and a record clamp. Medium weight ideal for belt-drive turntables, low-profile design compatible with low-clearance dust covers.

Cons: Does not fix warped records, only temporarily flattens them to a degree.

Verdict: The Line Phono Dubby Record Clamp & Disc Stabilizer offers versatile functionality and sound improvement benefits for all turntable enthusiasts.

The Line Phono Dubby Record Clamp & Disc Stabilizer is a versatile accessory designed to enhance your turntable’s performance. Its dual-purpose design allows it to function both as a standard record weight stabiliser and as a record clamp, offering flexibility based on your stabilisation needs. The low-profile design ensures compatibility with low-clearance dust covers, while the custom Line Phono graphics add a touch of style. While it may not completely fix warped records, it does provide temporary flattening to a degree, making it a valuable addition to any vinyl lover’s setup.

MasterSounds Turntable Weight

Price: £59.95

Pros: Made from high-grade aluminium. Smooth anodised exterior and knurled top grip for easy handling. Compatible with all record formats with plastic ‘dink’ adapters. Anti-slip base.

Cons: Heavier weight may not be suitable for all turntables, particularly delicate belt-drive models.

Verdict: MasterSounds Turntable Weight combines exquisite craftsmanship with functional design, offering improved sound quality and control across various record formats. A must-have accessory for audiophiles and DJs alike.

Crafted with precision from high-grade aluminium, the MasterSounds Turntable Weight not only enhances the aesthetics of your setup but also elevates your listening experience. Its anodised exterior and knurled top grip facilitate easy handling, while the 405g weight ensures stability and control during playback. Whether correcting warped records or perfecting mixes, this accessory delivers consistent performance and durability, making it an essential addition for any vinyl enthusiast or DJ on the go.

Pro-Ject Clamp It

Price: £70

Pros: No added weight to induce rumble. Fine-adjustable pressure for warped records, light.

Cons: May not completely eliminate all record warp-related issues.

Verdict: Pro-Ject Clamp It offers a simple yet effective solution to enhance your turntable’s sound quality while adding a touch of style. A worthwhile upgrade for audiophiles seeking improved playback performance.

The Pro-Ject Clamp It is a sleek and functional accessory designed to elevate your turntable experience. Its large metal construction and leather coating not only look fantastic but also serve a crucial purpose in reducing unwanted resonances and maintaining record flatness during playback. Unlike traditional heavyweight record pucks, the Clamp It’s clamp mechanism ensures no added weight-induced rumble, while its fine-adjustable pressure caters to warped records. Easy to fit and offering noticeable sound improvements, it’s an excellent addition to any discerning audiophile’s setup.

Varia Instruments TTW10 Turntable Weight

Price: £109

Pros: Movable 7” adapter. Sticky rubber mat protects vinyl and provides direct control. Travel bag.

Cons: May not fit all turntables due to varying spindle sizes. The heavier weight of TTW10H could strain delicate turntable components over time.

Verdict: The Varia Instruments TTW10 turntable weight offers impressive features to enhance your vinyl listening experience. Its smart mechanism ensures proper alignment for both 7” and 12” records, while the sticky rubber mat protects your vinyl. 

Varia Instruments’ TTW10 Turntable Weight impresses with its innovative design and practical features. The movable 7” adapter effortlessly centres records, while the sticky rubber mat ensures gentle handling. The TTW10H edition’s high-grade stainless steel construction adds stability, though users should be mindful of potential strain on their turntable. Overall, it’s a thoughtful accessory packaged in a convenient box with a linen bag, ideal for audiophiles seeking improved playback quality and record preservation.

STB-MSX Vinyl Stabilizer

Price: £230 

Pros: Detachable parts for customizable weight and tuning. 7″ vinyl adapter by flipping upside down. Carbon weight spacer reduces vibration interference.

Cons: Complex assembly process with 10 parts. May require experimentation to find the optimal weight configuration.

Verdict: STB-MSX offers unparalleled customisation and smart design for vinyl enthusiasts seeking to fine-tune their sound. Despite its assembly complexity, the benefits in sound quality make it a worthwhile investment.

The STB-MSX Vinyl Stabilizer introduces a new level of customisation and innovation to the world of vinyl playback. With its detachable 10-part design, users can adjust the weight to their preference, allowing for precise tuning of timbre. Additionally, its versatility extends to serving as a 7″ vinyl adapter, providing added convenience. The hybrid material composition effectively controls vibrations, enhancing sound quality and extracting maximum information from the vinyl. While assembly may be intricate, the results justify the effort for audiophiles seeking optimal performance from their turntable setup.

Mobile Fidelity Super HeavyWeight Record Weight

Price: £249

Pros: Easy grip, noise-absorbing HRS polymer and machined billet aluminium outer shell.

Cons: N/A

Verdict: The Mobile Fidelity Super HeavyWeight Record Weight is an essential accessory for turntable enthusiasts, offering unparalleled noise reduction and sonic improvements with a versatile design.

This record weight is a game-changer for vinyl enthusiasts seeking to elevate their listening experience. Developed in collaboration with Harmonic Resolution Systems engineers, it goes beyond simply coupling the record to the platter, actively dissipating groove noise to improve clarity and impact. Crafted with a proprietary HRS polymer and machined billet aluminium outer shell, it ensures compatibility with any turntable setup while protecting delicate LP labels. Instantly noticeable improvements in resolution, stability, and dynamics make it a worthwhile investment for both seasoned analogue pros and newcomers to the hobby. 

Acoustic Signature Load-S Record Weight Stabilizer

Price: £570

Pros: Great build

Cons: N/A

Verdict: The Load-S Record Weight Stabilizer offers a simple yet effective solution to reduce resonance and vibrations, improving overall sound quality and turntable performance.

The Load-S Record Weight Stabilizer provides a straightforward solution for vinyl enthusiasts seeking to enhance their listening experience. With its evenly distributed support weight, it ensures better platter contact and minimises vibrations, resulting in smoother cartridge tracking and improved playback quality. Its compatibility with a wide range of turntable designs, including those with heavier platters, makes it a versatile choice for many setups

Clearaudio Statement Clamp

Price: £900

Pros: Utilises three-point resonance absorption technology, Low friction Teflon surface for smooth operation.

Cons: N/A

Verdict: The Clearaudio Statement Clamp impresses with its advanced technology and construction, delivering enhanced sound quality and detail extraction for vinyl enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance.

The Clearaudio Statement Clamp is a testament to meticulous engineering and design, originally crafted for the groundbreaking Statement turntable but adaptable to most setups. Its three-point resonance absorption technology, combined with a robust construction of “Panzerholz” wood laminate and precision machined stainless steel, ensures minimal interference and maximum detail extraction from vinyl records. 

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