Corey King traverses eletronic and afrobeat pop in new LP, A Loveless Sunken Sun





With a track written by Thom Yorke and Mark Pritchard.

Corey King has released his new 7-track album, called A Loveless Sunken Sun, via Def Pressé.

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Diverging from the indie rock sounds of 2016’s Lashes, multi-instrumentalist Corey King’s new album incorporate synths and drum machines to create a dreamscape of soulful pop.

Produced in near solitude over two years,  A Loveless Sunken Sun acts as “a testament to the power of angst to foster growth.”

Head here for more info, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Fertility Filter
2. 3 Years
3. Beautiful People
4. Size of the World
5. Seven
6. (You) Issues
7. L’age Du Plastique

Photo by: Megan Stacker