Cabaret Voltaire’s early recordings collected in 7xLP box set





The experimental beginnings of the pioneering industrial outfit.

Cabaret Voltaire are releasing a compilation of their early recordings, titled Methodology ‘74-’78, this December  via Mute.

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The 53-track compilation explores the evolution of Cabaret Voltaire’s sound, and includes the original recording of ‘Nag Nag Nag’, a cover of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Here She Comes Now’, and more.

Beginning as a Dada-inspired performance art group in 1973, Cabaret Voltaire went on to become one of the UK’s most influential industrial bands.

Methodology ‘74-’78 follows the reissue of their 1979 soundtrack, Chance Versus Causality, and is pressed on clear vinyl in a limited edition run of 500 copies.

Head here for more info in advance of its 6th of December release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A.

1. Exhaust
2. Synthi AKS (Piece One)
3. Synthi AKS (Piece Two)
4. Jet Passing Over
5. Sad Synth
6. Treated Guitar

Side B

1. Treated Clarinet
2. Treated Drum Machine
3. Possibility Of A Bum Trip
4. Space Patrol
5. Jack Stereo Unit

Side C.

1. Magnet
2. Counter Reaction
3. Capsules (Version)

Side D.

1. Makes Your Mouth Go Funny
2. Dream Sequence Number Three (Short Version)
3. Reverse (Piece One)
4. Stolen From Spectra

Side E.

1. Shes Black (Part One)
2. Jive
3. The Single
4. Speed Kills
5. Fascist Police State

Side F.

1. Synthi AKS (Piece Three)
2. Data Processing Instructions
3. Fuse Mountain
4. Calling Moscow

Side G.

1. Dream Sequence Number Two (Ethel’s Voice)
2. The Attic Tapes
3. Treated Speech

Side H.

1. Dream Sequence Number Three (Long Version)
2. Henderson Reversed (Piece Two)

Side I.

1. Bed Time Stories
2. Loves In Vein
3. Do The Mussolini (Head Kick) (They Kill Him Dub)
4. Shes Black (Part Two)

Side J.

1. Its Not Music
2. Slo Change
3. Original Voice Of America

Side K.

1. Heaven And Hell
2. Do The Mussolini (Head Kick)
3. Here She Comes Now

Side L.

1. Capsules
2. Oh Roger
3. Havoc
4. Talkover

Side M.

1. No Escape
2. Photophobia
3. The Set Up

Side N.

1. A Minute Is A Life Time
2. Baader Meinhof
3. Nag Nag Nag
4. Its About Now