VF Live: Jonah Freud





Selects from a 10K collection stacked in a home library.

With quarantines and lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic ongoing around the world, artists are finding new ways to connect with people worldwide.

As part of our new feature on site – VF Live Sets – collectors take you inside their homes, for intimate record selects.

Watch the set above, and find out more about Jonah Freud’s show below:

“The first thing I did when the possibility of a lockdown was emerging was to buy a new needle for my Rega Planar 10. In recent weeks my record library has become my HQ; each day a different mood emerges from it.

My collection itself has about 10,000 LPs, not specialist in any genre, but rather spans most decades of the 20th century, with a focus between the ’50s and ’80s. As you can hear from the transitions, it lives in a listening room with a Rega set up and a two input amp with no mixing panel. On one side there’s a Rega RP10 and on the other an Audio Technica. While the latter of those gets less playtime in general, there are some sounds that don’t quite fit the Rega sonics, so end up on the AT.”

The set for VF was a peculiar mood, more upbeat than usual – with a bit of rock’n’roll, acapella soul, British funk, ’70s jazz and American disco.”


1. The Chi-Lites – Toby
2. The Persuasions – Buffalo Soldier
3. Desmond Decker – Israelites
4. Carol Douglas – Midnight Love Affair
5. Franki Valli – Grease
6. Merry Clayton – Southern Man
7. Johnny Nash – Gonna Open Up my Heart Again
8. Dawn – Tie a Yellow Ribbon
9. Al Jarreau – We Got By
10. The Dramatics – Just Shopping Not Buying Anything
11. Nile Rodgers – Land of the Good Groove
12. Idris Muhammad – S-E-X
13. Cymande – Bra
14. Jimmy Cliff – No Woman No Cry
15. Deadeye Dick – Burning Drums of Fire