VF Live: Laima #2





Contemporary art meets experimental music.

With quarantines and lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic ongoing around the world, artists are finding new ways to connect with people worldwide.

In VF Live – our favourite collectors take you inside their homes and record shops, for intimate mixes and performances.

For artist and musician Laima’s second VF Live set, she returns for another deep dive into her collection of contemporary art and experimental music.

Watch and listen to the mix above, find out more about it and check out the tracklist below.

“As with my first show, I chose records with no clear boundaries in between music and arts. An interesting aspect of this selection is that I selected acts that work in ‘community’. For example, both the band Goat and the collective art Enhet For Fri Musik are projects that are not dependant on fixed members. Or community as in Jeremy Deller’s work with the Melodians Steel Orchestra performing ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ from David Bowie.

There is also a very special piece of music by Soulwax called EMS Synthi 100, which will be released in the end of May. The entire album was recorded on the EMS Synthi 100 – what I call a “living being synthesizer” which breathes waves and purges sounds. It’s magical and everyone should check it out.

For this selection, instead of focusing on beat matching, instead I played around with effects from the mixer, transforming the tracks to meet one another.”


1. Hu Xinglian Om Mani Padme Hüm Lament (From Taryn Simon – An Occupation of Loss)
2. Sapphire Slows – Speculation
3. Enhet For Fri Musik – Din Synd
4. Crass – Arlington 73 (Live)
5. Melodians Steel Orchestra – The Man Who Sold The World (From Jeremy Deller – English Magic)
6. Throbbing Gristle – Slut Bait (Live at Southampton)
7. Christian Marclay and Matt Gustafsson – In Hindsight
8. Goat – Diarabi
9. Tomutonttu – Siunatut Jyvät
10 EMS Synthi 100 – Movement 1
11. Kraftwerk – Computer World

Laima’s LP Home is out now on The Vinyl Factory. Laima will also be performing her album live, in a performance called Home from home – on DEEWEE’s Instagram in June 2020.