VF Live: Iggor Cavalera #4



Playing industrial, techno, and ambient records to invoke a meditative state.

In VF Live, DJs take you inside their homes, record stores, and studios for intimate selects and mixes.

Iggor Cavalera returns for his latest VF Live set, selecting industrial, techno, and ambient records alongside an analogue effects unit:

“My focus was to layer frequencies and sounds in an unsettling way, thus creating a meditative state. To achieve this I used an analogue effects unit called ‘The Dust Collector’ mixed with records from my personal collection.”

Watch the set in full above, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Senyawa – Istana
2. Paracas Ritual – Drums Calling Winds
3. Miguel Noia – Mega Brain Focos Part1
4. This Quiet Army – Beta 0001
5. John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13
6. Autotellia – Floating Island of the Gods
7. NOTA – Return of Prometheus
8. Tangerine Dream – Rubicon Part 1
9. Tomaga – Monpfie Has To Pay
10. Petbrick – Face Side