VF Live: Iggor Cavalera #3





Live modular improvisation on a Sntrx synthesizer, over drone, grindcore, kraut, and soundtracks.

In VF Live, our favourite artists take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios, for intimate mixes and performances.

Iggor Cavalera returns for his latest VF Live set, playing live modular improvisations over records spanning drone, grindcore, kraut, soundtracks, and more.

“In this exceptional mix, I’ve focused on playing some vinyl from my personal collection with sounds from Mexico, Italy, Poland, France, Greece, America, and the UK, while sculpting waveforms and drones on the Latvian synthesizer Syntrx. Filmed by Laima Leyton.”

Equipment list:

1. Syntrx by Erica Synths
2. MK2 Technics turntables
3. DJM 900 Pioneer Mixer

(No computer was used to generate this mix)


1. J.Zunz – Overtime
2. Pig Destroyer – Sound Walker
3. Lucio Fulci – Magia Nera
4. Ron Morelli – Desert Ocean
5. Sunn O))) – Between Sleipnir’s Breaths
6. Pin Park – Morko
7. Rebotini & Zanese – Acidmonium 13×3
8. Kooba Tercu – Filter Feeder
9. Hack Sabbath – The Wizhard

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