VF Live: Discostan – Side B: The Devotional Side





Lebanese free jazz, Afghan synth rock, Indonesian cosmic spirituals, and beyond.

In VF Live, DJs take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios for intimate sets and mixes.

Dedicated to showcasing music “from Beirut to Bangkok via Bombay”, Discostan is a multimedia platform and record label – founded by Arshia Haq, and co-run by Jeremy Loudenback.

VF Live: Discostan – Side A: The Disco Side

For the second part of Discostan’s debut VF Live set – Side B: The Devotional Side – Arshia selects “sonic psychedelia from across the Islamic world. These records span from Lebanese mijwiz bordering on free jazz to a cosmic Indonesian version of the call to prayer…”

Watch and listen to the set above, check out the tracklist below, and head here to discover Side A.


1. Group Fantastique – Allahu Akbar
2. Elly Kasim – Ratok Dagang
3. Ahmad Zahir – Instrumental
4. Youssef Azar Elias – عتابا وميجانا
5. Cheikha Louisa – Ya Laziza
6. Sajida Obeid – Hala Ya Nour Einy
7. Ahmad Al Kosem – Love Is Not a Joke
8. Kafur Mobarek – Unknown
9. Nass El Ghiwane – Wannadi Ana
10. H. Nur Asiah Djamil – Assolatu ‘Alan Nabi
11. Sabri Brothers – Dai Halima

Video: Pete Galindo