Duval Timothy’s Brown Loop reissued in new edition

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Mixing jazz and hip-hop with techno repetitions.

Duval Timothy’s Brown Loop album is being reissued, this October via The Vinyl Factory / Carrying Colour.

Originally recorded in New York in the winter of 2016, produced and mixed by Timothy, the new edition of Brown Loop features an adjusted tracklisting, with artwork by Timothy.

“I heard Duval describe the music of Brown Loop as ascending a mountain, and after you reached the top you come down to the other end. Through rhythmic repetitive patterns, the music builds,” shares Martyn Dykers.

“Within the pieces, melodies stray away from the theme, into unknown territories, but always find their way back to a comfortable home. Most elaborately this happens on my favorite piece, ‘Hairs’.”

“The patterns and melodies on pieces such as Through The Night and (recently added to the vinyl version) G are stripped down to their very essence.

It is not just jazz, it’s pure hip hop, as the hooks are reminiscent of the shards of melancholy legends like Dilla, Pete Rock and Havoc used in their best work. In terms of repetition, the music is also very techno. And like in all good techno, the patterns (perhaps contrary to popular belief) ooze humanity and emotion.”

It follows the release of Timothy’s Help LP earlier this year, on The Vinyl Factory / Carrying Colour.

Pre-order a copy of Brown Loop here in advance of its 2nd October release, check out the cover art and tracklist below.


1. Through The Night
2. Cold Is Coming
3. Badman
4. Clouds
5. G
6. Blue Borough
7. Hairs
8. Pleats
9. Smoke Alarm
10. Passing
11. Older than we used to be
12. Old Kent Rd