The VF artists in UVA’s audiovisual exhibition at 180

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UVA: Synchronicity is open now at 180 Studios.

United Visual Artists’ (UVA) largest-ever exhibition at 180 Studios will now have its final run until March 17.

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The audio-visual exhibition, titled UVA: Synchronicity, marks the 20th anniversary of the art collective. It features eight new large-scale immersive works that aim to “challenge our perception of reality”.


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Amongst the immersive works, three VF artists–Bernie Krause, Massive Attack and the late Mira Calix–play a major role. In a collaboration commissioned by 180 Studios, UVA teams up with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja for Present Shock II. The work confronts viewers with “statistical clocks displaying algorithmically generated news headlines based on current events, as well as data about the world sourced from the internet”.

Present Shock II, 2023 © UVA

It re-imagines a real-time date installation made by UVA for Massive Attack’s 100th Window Tour in 2003–the project that helped to launch UVA and gave birth to two decades of collaboration with Del Naja. The sound for Present Shock II is generated by a dynamic audio system–created by Del Naja in collaboration with Robert Thomas.

Polyphony, 2023 © UVA

At the heart of UVA: Synchronicity lies Polyphony, a new audiovisual installation that explores the relationship between humans and animals and features a soundscape created by bioacoustician Bernie Krause. This is not Krause’s first time collaborating with UVA. A previous collaboration resulted in The Great Animal Orchestra, a collection of animal recordings–released on vinyl by VF–that highlight the urgency of climate change and the necessity of preserving the animal world.

Elsewhere, Synchronicity includes a site-specific reiteration of Our Time, a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional environment that explores our perception of time. The artwork was previously created for 180 The Strand and features an excellent score by the late electronic musician and sound sculptor Mira Calix.

UVA: Synchronicity runs until March 17 at 180 Studios. Tickets are available now from the 180 Studios website.