Moon Hooch’s 10 essential Coltrane records released on Impulse!





one down, one up
John Coltrane
One Down One Up (Live at the Half Note)
(Impulse!, 2006)

This album has made me cry more than any other. The energy is so fresh and Coltrane is flowing so hard the whole time.


John Coltrane Quartet
(Impulse!, 1970)

The first time I heard this album, I felt hypnotized and had an out of body experience.

live at the village

John Coltrane
Live at the Village Vanguard
(Impulse!, 1962)

This album is just beautiful. So much love.

live at the village again

John Coltrane
Live at the Village Vanguard Again!
(Impulse!, 1966)

The band plays my favourite version of ‘Naima’ on this album, featuring Pharaoh Sanders. Just beautiful.

newport 63

John Coltrane Quartet
Newport ’63
(Impulse!, 1993)

Coltrane’s playing on ‘I Want To Talk About You’ on this album is just amazing. The phrasing is incredible. I love this album.

intersteller space

John Coltrane
Interstellar Space
(ABC/Impulse, 1974)

One of Coltrane’s last studio albums. It was recorded shortly before his death in ’67 but not released until ’74.

love supreme

John Coltrane
A Love Supreme
(Impulse, 1965)

This is one of his finest works, mixing in early ‘bop with the free jazz path he took later in his career.

new thing at newport

John Coltrane and Archie Shepp
New Thing At Newport
(Impulse!, 1965)

This is a fantastic album, and features Coltrane jamming hard with Archie Shepp, who actually started out playing with Cecil Taylor’s band in the early 60s.

John Coltrane
(Impulse!, 1967)

This album was recorded around the same time as Interstellar, the two come hand in hand.

sun ship

John Coltrane
Sun Ship
(Impulse, 1971)

Sun Ship really extends what you hear on Transition, totally mind blowing.