Inside Devon Turnbull’s speaker making workshop

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Bringing a speaker to life.

On August 14 and 15, Devon Turnbull, aka OJAS, ran his first in-person speaker-building workshop at 180 Studios in London.

The workshop coincided with the London debut of his HiFi Listening Room Dream No. 1, which is showing at the Lisson Gallery until August 26. Designed as a space for “surrendering to the act of listening”, the free, drop-in listening experience features  a wall of brutalist speakers, a turntable, a series of amplifiers and seats intended for meditation.

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As part of the two-session workshop, fellow speaker-lovers built a pair of OJAS/Lisson Artbook Shelf Speakers that were ready to take home and plug into a power amp, once finished.

Follow the process on how to build an OJAS/Lisson Artbook Shelf Speaker below and find out more here.

Photos by Becky Rogers and Feiyang Xue.

1. Sand the rebate


2. Hammer cabinets


3. Glue and assemble the cabinets


4. Sand the cabinet


5. Apply finish


6. Insulate the cabinet with wool


7. Install the driver


8. Install crossover network and binding post


9. Add gasket tape and close the back


10. Wire up the speaker to amplifier


11. Enjoy the finished speaker!