Garden of Memory

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LAVASCAR (Michèle Lamy, Nico Vascellari and Scarlett Rouge)
Garden of Memory

Garden of Memory

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* The newest project from Michèle Lamy, Nico Vascellari and Scarlett Rouge.
* Lyrics consisting of the poetry of Etel Adnan
* Produced by Rocco Rampino
* Mastered by Greg Moore
* Artwork by Scarlett Rouge
* Recorded at Strongroom Studios, June 2018.
* 180gram heavyweight vinyl with printed inner and outer sleeves
* Limited vinyl edition of 1000
* Available digitally and on vinyl
* Released: 26/10/2018

Lavascar is a sound and music project by creative instigator and provocateur Michèle Lamy, multi-disciplinary artist Nico Vascellari and Lamy’s daughter, the artist Scarlett Rouge.

Following the release of their debut album A Dream Deferred in 2017 – which was inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem Montage Of A Dream Deferred, the trio will release new album Garden Of Memory through The Vinyl Factory label.

Drawing on the work of Lebanese-American poet, journalist and artist Etel Adnan, Garden Of Memory explores the tension between the organic and industrial, layering both Rouge and Lamy’s idiosyncratic delivery over Vascellari’s ambient and EBM-influenced electronics. After Vascellari described the debut LP as “an evocation of Michèle Lamy sitting in a cave, surrounded by wild beasts ready to devour her”, Lamy says the new record has loftier concerns: “So far it seems like we are more in the cosmos… We are coming out of the hole!” Lamy continues: “I like poetry, I don’t like when there is sentence that tells you everything, I like suggestion.” It was for this reason that Lamy was drawn to the 93-year-old Adnan – “a woman explaining what’s going on in life. We can say everything is political, this is especially important.” It’s a sentiment that Scarlett Rouge echoes: “She wrote political poetry, and she is a journalist, so that’s why I think when Michèle discovered her there was an immediate sense that this is now what needs to be felt and said.’

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LAVASCAR (Michèle Lamy, Nico Vascellari and Scarlett Rouge)


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