Spots Y Escupitajo

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Elysia Crampton
Spots Y Escupitajo

Spots Y Escupitajo

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* Art project from Elysia Crampton in the form of a sample pack LP
* Includes 8 spots and 6 full length tracks
* Braids both the legacies of American club culture and sonic miniature compositions
* Limited edition of 300
* Release date : 19/05/2017

Following the collaboration between Elysia Crampton, Kelela and Adrian Piper, ‘Final Exam’, The Vinyl Factory join with Elysia on her next solo release. ‘Spots y Escupitajo’. The release braids legacies from both American club culture and sonic miniature compositions in the form of a 12” sample pack. The LP honors the Aymara figure Chuqui Chinchay, and the legacy of Elysia’s deceased grandparents.

A1. Spot 1(00:06)
A2. Spot 2 (00:15)
A3. Spot 3 (00:13)
A4. Spot 4 (00:10)
A5. Spot 5 (00:16)
A6. Spot 6 (00:15)
A7. Spot 7 (00:14)
A8. Battle Streams (01:19)
A9. Gold Country (02:48)
A10. Promesa (05:21)
B1. Spot 8 (00:07)
B2. Armor of Chuqui Chinchay (03:27)
B3. Spittle (09:33)
B4. Sombra (00:14)


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Elysia Crampton


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