Warp to repress six rare Broadcast albums on vinyl

Warp to repress six rare Broadcast albums on vinyl




James Cargill’s electronic outfit get long out of print albums reissued for the first time.

Warp have announced that they will be repressing all six Broadcast albums originally released between 1997 and 2009. The bundle will include the band’s first outing on the label Work And Non Work which collects their early singles, their vaunted debut LP The Noise Made By People from 2000, as well as HaHa Sound (2003) and 2005’s darkly brilliant Tender Buttons. Their compendium of early EP tracks and B-sides The Future Crayon, and 2009 collaboration with Julian House of The Focus Group complete the set.

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With The Future Crayon and Tender Buttons demanding over £100 on second-hand record market Discogs, the announcement will come as a reprieve to young fans unable to shell out for the originals, with Warp also set to accompany each release with a new 10″ booklet and digital download. Available to pre-order from Bleep now, all six represses will be available from 9th March.

Listen to ‘I Found The F’ from Tender Buttons below:

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