UK vinyl sales expected to reach 30 year high in 2020



With £100 million in records projected to be sold by the end of December.

UK vinyl sales will reach their highest point in three decades by the end of 2020, reports The Guardian.

Marking a 10% increase on 2019 vinyl sales in the UK, which saw 4.3 million units sold, 2020 is expected to surpass this number by nearly 450,000.

Beyond the UK, increases in people buying more vinyl and cataloguing their collections have been seen worldwide during the past 12 months.

US vinyl sales hit a weekly high in 2020 fuelled by Record Store Day’s August drop day; its next exclusive release date is on 27th November for ‘Black Friday’.

Earlier this year, Discogs reported record numbers of submissions on site during April 2020, following global lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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