The 10 most expensive records sold on Discogs in first half of 2014





Ever been curious about the crazy money people pay for records? 

From time to time a record trades hands at way above what even the most dedicated collectors are willing to pay. Forking out a four digit figure for a record is a brave – and probably stupid – decision, so we were keen to find out exactly what sort of sums are involved and what the records are that warrant these transactions.

Have a look at the table below which shows the breakdown of the 10 most expensive records sold through Discogs over the first half of 2014.

You might be thinking that we’ve made a mistake but oddly enough 9 of the 10 records sold for exactly $1875. Only topped by a 7″ Coil box set which was sold for a handsome $1889. Predictably it’s mostly records of the ’70’s and ’80s from various rock sub genres that command such sky-high prices.

Check out details of that Coil record below.




Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders)
(Threshold House, 1987)

Sold for $1889 on Discogs, February 2014

Limited edition of 55 numbered copies, the box features a 12″ of the album pressed on to clear vinyl and a 7″ of the ‘The Wheel/The Wheal’ pressed on black vinyl.

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