Soundway releasing electro-r’n’b duo Thaba’s new album, Eyes Rest Their Feet





Drawing on a shared love of kwaito, ’90s r’n’b, and classic downtempo.

Thaba, aka singer-songwriter Khusi Seremane and producer/musician Gabriel Cyr, are releasing a new album, titled Eyes Rest Their Feet, via Soundway this November.

Eyes Rest Their Feet was created remotely over the course of several years, with the core foundation recorded in Cape Town during 2016.

After returning to New York, Cyr honed these recordings with several Brooklyn-based musicians, including members of Antibalas, Underground System, Midnight Magic, and Loboko.

The resulting album draws on elements of mbaqanga, bubblegum pop, soul, and synth-pop as it lyrically explores loneliness and the challenges of human relationships.

Seremane passed away in July 2020, after struggling with health issues for several years.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Eyes Rest Their Feet’s 6th November release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Old Tapes
2. Warrior
3. Vaya Le Nna
4. Confided
5. Mungu
6. Resilient
7. Severin
8. Throw It All Away
9. Tsoma
10. Brew