Streets of Rage II soundtrack set for vinyl release

Streets of Rage II soundtrack set for vinyl release




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Yuzo Koshiro’s iconic soundtrack is coming to vinyl.

Few soundtracks capture the shifting tide of ‘90s videogame culture like Yuzo Koshiro’s pioneering accompaniment to Streets of Rage II. Eschewing the rinky-dink melodies and childishness that had plagued the genre, Koshiro looked to club music for inspiration and influenced Ikonika, Just Blaze and a legion of wide-eyed kids in the process.

London-based label Data Discs released Koshiro’s original Streets of Rage soundtrack last year, and now the sequel is set for release.

streets of rage_ii_vinyl2

The audio has been completely remastered from various sources – including the original NEC PC-88 files – so this will be the best version you’re likely to hear. Like Data Discs’ other vinyl editions, it’s a deluxe set padded out with bonus tracks and spread across two slabs of vinyl in multiple color variations.

You can hear a few samples below, and pre-order the album from February 27 over at the Data Discs site – the album is due to ship in April.

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